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Bi-Weekly Sheetmask Reviews – February 20-March 5, 2017

The weather had warmed up for a bit, then turned really cold again! I can’t believe I had to shovel my driveway last Friday. The blasting gusts of wind were so frigid that my face felt super tight and dry! Thank goodness for sheetmasks and night time pampering sessions!

Bi-Weekly February 20 - March 5 Masks
Bi-Weekly February 20 – March 5 Masks featuring A’Pieu, Oriental Herbal Skincare, Polatam, My Beauty Diary, and SeaNTree

Unfortunately, despite the very pretty packaging of some of these masks (Oriental, SeaNTree, and Polatam), not many of these masks left me impressed due to fragrance or fit issues. I’m still glad that I tried the masks; it just sucks when it’s only fit or fragrance that would deter me from repurchasing a mask. Does anyone else feel that way?

SeaNTree Steam Essence Mask Sheet
SeaNTree Steam Essence Mask Sheet

Who & What: SeaNTree Steam Essence Mask
Purpose: I assume this will provide deep hydration like the cream
Stars: 7/10
Repurchase: No

Comments: While I loved the packaging of this mask and quite like the image of the pink whale, I really disliked the fit of this mask. The material of the mask was soft and comfortable, but the fit left so much to be desired. Barely any material held the mask together between the nose and cheek area (in other words, connecting to the eye area as well) and the slits were in all the strangest places. The eye area was huge, and nose strip was super short. The strip above the slip was jagged, like someone had ripped it without much care.

I was not impressed at all by the fit. The mask does contain alcohol and fragrance in the ingredient list, and there’s a teaspoon of milky, emulsion-like essence left in the packet. I loved that the mask did not smell overly fragrant like the cream I have from the same line, and the results were pretty good. The finish wasn’t sticky, and my face was sufficiently hydrated. But for the fit alone, I would not repurchase this mask. I’d rather just use the cream!

My Beauty Diary Mask - Bird's Nest
My Beauty Diary Mask – Bird’s Nest

Who & What: My Beauty Diary Bird’s Nest Mask
Purpose: Nourish the skin for a natural brightening effect
Stars: 7/10
Repurchase: No

Comments: I was pretty sad that this mask turned out to have a poor fit for me as well. The mask was so small! The eye area was small so the corners of my eyes were irritated, and the mask was so small that I felt like it barely reached my jaw.

Much like the SeaNTree mask above, this mask does all the right things, but just doesn’t justify a repurchase due to the poor fit. The results were so awesome, too; redness was reduced, you can clearly see where the mask sat on my skin because my skin was brighter and skin tone was more even. My skin was moisturized so I sealed in the results with a sleeping mask. With a good amount of essence left in the packet, I used it the following evening since the essence wasn’t sticky when I took off the mask. It didn’t give quite the same effect, but it did help to moisturize my skin for sure!

But I just can’t handle small masks. I’m sad that I wouldn’t repurchase this for that reason alone.

Polatam Water Gel Extra Force Mask with Oak Tree Sap Essence
Polatam Water Gel Extra Force Mask with Oak Tree Sap Essence

Who & What: Polatam Oak Water Gel Extra Force Mask with Oak Tree Sap Essence
Purpose: Moisturize
Stars: 8.5/10
Repurchase: Maybe

Comments: I’m undecided if this mask works well enough to justify the high price point. I’d probably purchase this again at a good sale, most likely locally in Korea! This certainly is a splurge mask. The culpral mask is super comfortable and the fit is awesome both from forehead down to chin, as well as side to side. If I had to nitpick, it’s the slits on either side of the chin that doesn’t sit well for me; when I overlap them it always bubbles up and doesn’t fit well. The packet didn’t have a lot of essence left.

I really like the mask packaging; I think it’s super simple and pretty.

The mask did leave my skin exceptionally moisturized with the exception of the area just above the upper lip. After 45 minutes, it left my skin with a very nice glow, and my skin was brighter. My skin felt cool, and the redness in my cheeks was reduced. I do consider the mask to have performed exceptionally well, but I don’t believe it justifies the $6 or $8 USD price point that it costs within North America. I’ll save my other one for a nice occasion!

A'Pieu Glacier Water Vital Ampoule Mask
A’Pieu Glacier Water Vital Ampoule Mask

Who & What: A’pieu Glacier Water Vital Ampoule Mask
Purpose: Moisturize
Stars: 8.5/10
Repurchase: No

Comments: Why, mask? Why do you have to fit so poorly for me?

I grabbed this mask due to a sudden drop in temperature, which meant central heat was blasting at home, at work, and even in the car. My face felt so dry! I thought it was the perfect time to use a two-step mask. The ampoule smelled like generic sheetmasks and there was enough in the first step to smear over the face as well as the neck. I layered the mask on top. The mask is super short on the forehead and not wide at all. I felt like a lot of my face was left exposed, even though the nose strip was the perfect length. They weren’t stingy with the strip above the lip either, which sometimes is super thin! The mask did bunch a little around the chin so adherence wasn’t great.

The mask completely plumped up my skin and gave me the after sheetmask glow! My face was brighter and the finish wasn’t sticky at all. I did follow up with a moisturizer too. In the morning, I woke up to nicely moisturized skin so I am definitely impressed with the results of this mask! I remember the price was pretty decent too; maybe around 2,000W? I’m not sure if I’ll buy it again, but for the awesome results, I wonder if I might grab a couple one day, if I’m ever in Korea again, if they’re a good price. I’d just have to live with the small fit, which is not something I usually prefer. But the results in the morning were just too awesome!

Oriental Herbal Skincare Premiem Mask Pack - Chaga Mushroom
Oriental Herbal Skincare Premiem Mask Pack – Chaga Mushroom

Who & What: Oriental Herbal Skincare Premium Mask Pack in Chaga Mushroom
Purpose: Wrinkle Care
Stars: 7.5/10
Repurchase: No

Comments: Despite the mask being advertised for wrinkle care, I saw mostly hydration and brightening effects. The fit was good, and the essence on the mask was almost snail-like in texture. The mask wasn’t super thin, but also not super thick! Not quite L’Herboflore thin, and not quite Dear Klair’s Soothing Mask thick. Maybe a little thicker than Taiwanese masks, I’d say. The fit was great for my face, and the mask lasted almost an hour with the exception of the strip above the lip.

The mask adhered well for me, but unfortunately, the fragrance was just too much. It was so strong that it even lingered after I took the mask off! While it wasn’t unpleasant, I’m really sensitive to scents and they can send me into sneezing fits, so I really can’t see myself wearing this mask again, despite how it hydrated and brightened my skin. I really liked how my skin looked after I took the mask off. Just unfortunately when companies put too much fragrance in their products.

The masks in this bi-weekly review were not fantastic for me. Still, I’m glad that I have the opportunity to try so many different masks, from all sorts of brands and price ranges! There were masks that I really wanted to love, and also one mask I was afraid to love (I’m looking at you, Polatam!), but overall, I wouldn’t call these masks wins in my book. Time to explore more masks!

Disclaimer: Masks were purchased on my own or received as gifts. All thoughts and opinion are honest, and my own.

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