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Bi-Weekly Sheetmask Reviews – January 16-February 5, 2017

Chinese New Year plus birthday celebrations make for delayed masking and delayed blogging! Sorry for the wait!

Guys, I’m really loving Evercos masks. I only have two left! I’m sad they are a bit less accessible in Canada, but if I have the opportunity to buy them again, I definitely would! And also L’Herboflore masks!

January 16 - February 5 Bi-Weekly Masks
January 16 – February 5 Bi-Weekly Masks featuring The Saem, The Face Shop, L’Herboflore, SeaNTree, and Evercos

In this bi-weekly post, the one surprising mask was The Face Shop MasCream mask. It didn’t surprise me enough to want to buy it again, but it was great to use.

SeaNTree Ice Fresh Mask Sheet
SeaNTree Ice Fresh Mask Sheet

Who & What: SeaNTree Ice Fresh Mask Sheet
Purpose: Moisturize
Stars: 5/10
Repurchase: No

Comments: Poor @carouselmakeup had a bad reaction to this mask so I was super careful! The mask does contain alcohol and fragrance (it smells like lemon detergent or cleaning agent!) that doesn’t really dissipate. This mask was a bit short on the forehead and nose area but it was super wide, so it reached ear to ear for me! The overall mask performance is mediocre. It does give a slight moisture boost but it doesn’t last very long. There was a little bit of redness reduction, although I think that’s attributed to the coolness of the mask more than the mask properties itself. Overall, I’d say the results lasted an hour or so. The best compliment I have for it, aside from the fit, is that the finish sticky to begin with and sunk in within a few minutes.

Evercos Poria Cocos Mask
Evercos Poria Cocos Mask

Who & What: Evercos Poria Cocos Mask
Purpose: Hydrate, brighten, soothe, nourish.
Stars: 10/10
Repurchase: Yes

Comments: This mask was nice and relaxing! There isn’t much essence left in the packet, and the light not-too-herbal fragrance was enjoyable. The essence is slightly ‘stringy’ like snail products are. I love the Evercos masks because the material is super thin and it’s just a little stretchy so I can get a really good fit on my face! I did leave this on for almost an hour despite the strip above the lip drying earlier than that. The nose and part of the chin also dried quickly, but the cheek and forehead areas were still very damp so I left the mask on.

I had used this mask during some skin freak-out where the jaw was red and itchy! This mask absolutely soothed my skin, and I was really pleased with it. The irritation was practically gone after I removed the mask and my skin was plump and comfortable. I no longer felt like I had to sit on my hands to avoid touching my face.

Best of all, the results lasted until morning and I woke up to plump and calm skin. Definitely need to get my hands on more of these in the future!

The Face Shop MasCream Sheet in Brightening
The Face Shop MasCream Sheet in Brightening

Who & What: The Face Shop MasCream Brightening Mask
Purpose: Brighten
Stars: 6.5/10
Repurchase: No

Comments: My overall experience with the Real Nature line of masks from The Face Shop has been mediocre at best. The fit just doesn’t work for me, the masks don’t work for me. I didn’t have high hopes for this, especially when I saw the cream sitting on top of the mask. How was it supposed to sink in?

Let’s take a step back. The dense microfibre is comfortable, if you don’t mind thicker masks. It fit okay; still a bit short on the forehead and not too wide, but there was enough cream essence in the packet that I just applied it to the edges of my face. It’s worth noting the Niacinamide is 5th in the list of ingredients, but I just didn’t feel confident in the results with the cream still sitting on the mask over half an hour later.

I was pleasantly surprised to find moisturized skin when I removed the mask, and, the essence wasn’t sticky at all! However, for a brightening mask, there were very minor brightening effects. I’ve had way better brightening results with other moisturizing masks, so I was quite surprised. For this reason, I wouldn’t re-purchase this because while the mask performance surprised me, there are many other better-performing masks with better results, so I likely wouldn’t repurchase this one. It surprised me because I didn’t expect much from the brand, but the results, while positive, didn’t exactly blow me away.

L'Herboflore Apple C Whitening Hydromask
L’Herboflore Apple C Whitening Hydromask

Who & What: L’Herboflore Apple C Whitening Hydromask
Purpose: Brightening
Stars: 9/10
Repurchase: Yes

Comments: I just love, love, love the L’Herboflore packaging! I used this on Chinese New Year because it was red, and plus, who doesn’t want nice, hydrated skin for New Years’ Dinner?

The L’Herboflore masks have slits that are not fully cut. You can choose to leave them as is, or simply tug them apart and overlap them for a better fit. There’s also a slit down the bridge of the nose for who knows what reason? It certainly wouldn’t overlap there, and for me, since I pulled the mask a bit wider, it just left a bit of a gap. Not a deal breaker in the mask, but just strange.

The mask is thin, and smelled like apple candies. It was super relaxing to use and lasted 45 minutes. The mask left my skin plump and mask for hours; even after dinner a few hours later, my skin looked nice and felt refreshed. There was a spoonful of essence left in the packet which I applied to my face after my shower the next day for a bit of a moisture boost, though it doesn’t given further brightening results with just that simple application. This mask and its essence just smelled SO GOOD!

The Saem Pure Natural Mask Sheet in Snail
The Saem Pure Natural Mask Sheet in Snail

Who & What: The Saem Pure Natural Mask Snail
Purpose: Moisturize
Stars: 6.5/10
Repurchase: Yes

Comments: This mask lists snail secretion filtrate as the 4th ingredient in the list, and the mask also contains licorice root extract and ginger root extract. The last ingredient is fragrance. However, the fragrance is light and not overwhelming. The essence isn’t ‘stringy’ like other snail products though.

The fit just didn’t work for me. Masks with a lot of extra slits for customization rarely work for me; they have air bubbles where they overlap and just don’t sit well on my face. This mask was the same, and the eye are was too close together, plus the nose strip was short and the mask just wasn’t all that wide. While the mask lasted a good 40 minutes, the strip above the lip was dry by about 25 minutes.

The mask produced mediocre results. It didn’t result in a surge of moisture like I had hoped for, and there was barely any post sheet-mask glow. It didn’t perform any better than other cheaper masks such as the Aritaum or Innisfree masks, and those are much more accessible and frequently on discount. That, plus the poor fit for my face, means I wouldn’t repurchase it again.

Based on performance from these five masks, I’d definitely choose to repurchase the Evercos and L’Herboflore masks! How about you?

Disclaimer: Masks were purchased on my own. All thoughts and opinion are honest, and my own.

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