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Bi-Weekly Sheetmask Reviews – January 2-January 15, 2017

In this blog post, it’s Avocados and masks from the ABSweethearts Program! Thanks again for sending these masks for my review. I enjoyed them, especially the Sexylook mask!

January 2 - January 15 Masks
January 2 – January 15 Masks featuring Ariul, The Face Shop, Sexylook, The Cure, and Pur-lisse

Avocado is supposed to be packed with nutrients for the skin. After trying these two masks, I think I’ll save the goodness of avocado for eating. I’m much happier doing that! So let’s get started, shall we?

The Face Shop Real Nature Avocado Mask
The Face Shop Real Nature Avocado Mask

Who & What: The Face Shop Real Nature Avocado Mask
Purpose: Moisturize and Nourish the skin
Stars: 5/10
Repurchase: No

Comments: I did not have high hopes for this because so far, the few masks I’ve tried in this line have disappointed me from the get go. The fit just doesn’t work for my face! I’d be okay with this if the results were stellar, but they unfortunately are not.

The eyes are super close so the essence irritated one of my eyes, and there are so many slits around the mask that it just doesn’t sit well. Especially the chin area just doesn’t adhere! The back of the mask package says the mask material is meant for adhesion, but I just haven’t experienced that.

The essence is creamy and watery with about a teaspoon and a half left in the packet. The mask lasted 30 minutes for me, the last bit requiring me to constantly press the chin down. Finish was sticky even after 20 minutes and although this was moisturizing, it was not hydrating enough for me. The stickiness got too be too much so I washed it off with a toner bath, and re-did a short routine. Not a fan and can’t wait to be finished trying this line. I’m holding out hope that maybe, just maybe, there could be a flavour that will surprise me.

Ariul 7 Days Avocado Mask
Ariul 7 Days Avocado Mask

Who & What: Ariul 7 Days Avocado Mask
Purpose: Nutrient & Protection – give a natural moisturizing effect that keeps the skin looking fresh by deeply nourishing pores.
Stars: 6.5/10
Repurchase: Not likely.

Comments: I picked this mask up on a 1+1, I think from Olive Young or Lohbs while in Korea. The packaging caught my attention and I’d seen these masks around so I thought I’d give it a try since it was so inexpensive. I purposely tried this Avocado mask after The Face Shop one just to compare the results. The ingredients list though, is all in Korean so I have no idea where avocado extract lies within the list.

This mask gave me mixed feelings. The tencel material is nice, nothing too special, but the fit is only so-so. It especially bunches around the chin and there’s a slit in the middle of the chin. This area didn’t adhere well so it kept coming off my chin. The eye area was too small and irritated the corners of my eyes. The essence is a little milky with just a little left in the packet, so I poured it out and put it on top of the cheeks over the sheetmask for some extra moisture.

Overall, it lasted about 30 minutes. I honestly wasn’t expecting much but when I took the mask off, I found my skin to be moisturized, and the skintone was quite even! You can clearly see where the mask ended on my forehead (but only there). The essence was not sticky at all when I patted it in and my face felt plump.

The purpose of the mask is nutrient and protection. I’m not sure what ‘protection’ should mean for a face mask but it did provide moisture as promised. I’m just not a huge fan of the fit of the mask, and for that reason, I’m unlikely to re-purchase this. The packaging is really cute though; the message is that in just 20 minutes you can fully pamper yourself. I can get behind that!

The Cure Sea Water Collagen Essence Mask
The Cure Sea Water Collagen Essence Mask

Who & What: The Cure Sea Water Collagen Essence Mask
Purpose: Skin maintenance, hydration
Stars: 7/10
Repurchase: No

Comments: This mask was provided for me by Amabie is a review platform of mostly Asian beauty products, by many individual users! It’s a great resource to check out some reviews for decision (or enabling) purposes!

Below is a duplicate of my review written on Amabie:

This Sea Water Collagen Essence Mask is meant for skin maintenance and shows that it contains 1% Sea Water. I take that to mean something akin to moisture and hydration, and perhaps a bit of soothing. It is a thick, but soft cotton sheet, but unfortunately, the kind with a pattern on it. Since it adheres pretty well, if you leave it on for a long while, the pattern will be imprinted onto your skin!

The mask had a light scent that wasn’t bothersome at all. The recommendation is 20-30 minutes of wear; aside from the chin area, the mask lasted about 40 minutes for me. Since it’s been cold here, the mask did also stay cold so it had a cooling effect on my skin.

Upon removal, the mask left my skin moisturized, and a little brightened. The reduction of redness may have been from the cooling effect of the mask. There wasn’t much essence left in the packet at all, so I had patted it onto the cheek area of the mask. Once I patted in the remaining essence on my face, the result was a non-sticky finish. Most of my face felt hydrated enough even an hour later when I went to bed, but since it’s been dry lately, I did layer on a sleeping mask for overnight.

Overall, it’s an okay mask but nothing particularly outstanding. I personally am not a fan of patterned masks due to the imprint they can leave on my face, so I’m unlikely to repurchase this.

Pur-lisse Blue Lotus + White Tea Treatment Sheet Mask
Pur-lisse Blue Lotus + White Tea Treatment Sheet Mask

Who & What: Pur-lisse Blue Lotus + White Tea Treatment Sheet Mask
Purpose: Intensely Moisturizing, nourishing, renewing
Stars: 5/10
Repurchase: No

Comments: This mask was provided to me by in exchange for an honest review. Below is a copy of my review on

I had pretty high expectations for this mask. It just seemed like a high end one. Pros included a nice tea scent, a comfortable natural fibre mask that was a bit thicker but adhered well, and a mask shape that fit my face surprisingly well!

The mask packet advertises that it should be Intensely Moisturizing, so I was excited, considering I have dry, dehydrated skin. I was really looking forward to using the mask since it’s been incredibly dry here in the winter! Unfortunately, it did a very meh, ‘okay’ job. The mask lasted about 35 minutes for me, but the leftover essence was SO sticky! I patted for so long and eventually gave up; it wasn’t until after about 20 minutes that the stickiness was significantly reduced. But honestly, a little while later, my skin was leaning towards the drier side again. I had to put on a sleeping mask instead, which is the last thing I expected to have to do with a mask that promises intense moisture.

Aside from some moisturizing effects, there really wasn’t much. For a mask that retails for some $8 USD, this doesn’t fit the bill for me. Perhaps someone with normal skin will have better results, as they skin may not be as thirsty as mine. Despite the comfortable fit and experience, the results were pretty lacking to me, so I really wouldn’t choose to purchase it again.

I’m a bit confused by the ingredients, because the key ingredients are written in names that are quite difficult to identify within the ingredient list. It makes me wonder whether the concentrations are in fact quite low?

Sexylook Intensive Brightening Black Cotton Mask
Sexylook Intensive Brightening Black Cotton Mask

Who & What: Sexylook Intensive Brightening Black Cotton Mask
Purpose: Intensive Brightening
Stars: 8/10
Repurchase: Yes

Comments: I received this mask from Amabie as a part of their ABSweethearts Program. I really enjoyed this mask! Here’s the link to my review on!

Fit: Slightly short on the forehead and the nose strip, but everything else was fantastic. The eye area and mouth area were great, the material was super soft, and the slits on either side of the chin were actually long enough that it made overlapping the cheek/chin flaps very comfortable. Adherence was excellent and this mask stuck to my face!

Scent: Lotion scent that is slightly floral. This does linger but it is quite light.

Essence: Clear, not much left in the packet.

Time: Incredibly comfortable to wear and lasted almost 40 minutes before I took it off. Recommendation is about 15 minutes.

Results: So the slightly short fit docked off half a point from my rating. The other 1.5 I removed because this is called an intensive brightening mask, but the brightening results were quite minimal. HOWEVER. The reason this still gets an 8 is because the deep hydration benefits. Upon removal, the essence was a little sticky. A couple black fibres left on my nose (my biggest fear with black masks, taking it off to see black fibres everywhere!). A few pats and my skin was smooth and SO chok chok!

Skin felt plump and hydrated. Redness reduced around the cheeks and skintone was quite even. When I woke up the next day, my skin still looked hydrated and complexion was still very even. It was fantastic! I would get this again just for hydration but not for brightening. Maybe another flavour in this line is just for hydration and works just as well?

Overall, fantastic experience and great results, even if the results don’t meet the original purpose!

Final Thoughts: I really, REALLY liked the Sexylook mask, even though it didn’t serve the original purpose of intensive brightening. I’ve seen them locally, but for quite expensive. Will have to put them on the wishlist for the time being. Have you tried the Sexylook mask before?

Disclaimer: Some of these masks were purchased and some were sent by in exchange for an honest review under their ABSweethearts program. All thoughts and opinion are honest, and my own.

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