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Bi-Weekly Sheetmask Reviews – December 5-December 18, 2016

It’s time for another Bi-Weekly Sheetmask Review! When I chose this selection, I had a good idea of what mask would be a dud (and it was), and one hyped up mask that I purchased during my trip and finally got around to trying!

December 5 - December 18 Masks
December 5 – December 18 Masks featuring Banila Co, The Face Shop, My Scheming, Nature Republic, and Jayjun

Do you spot any favourites in here? there is one cult favourite, for sure!

The Face Shop Real Nature Acai Berry Mask
The Face Shop Real Nature Acai Berry Mask

Who & What: The Face Shop Real Nature Acai Berry Mask 
Purpose: Firming and Moisturizing
Stars: 3/10
Repurchase: No

Comments: I’m very much unimpressed by the Real Nature line of masks from The Face Shop. I had picked up a variety and I kept hoping that one or two would turn out to have good results. So far, nothing. Zilch, nada. This mask has the same awful fit due to the excessive slits around the mask. It smells like alcohol. The mask itself is dripping with essence out of the packet with a good teaspoon and a half left in the packet.

I got very basic moisturizing results from this; the least of what I expect from all sheetmasks. Nothing else; no brightening, evening of skintone, nothing. The only pro this mask has is that the finish is not sticky.

Jayjun Refine to Shine Real Water Brightening Black Mask
Jayjun Refine to Shine Real Water Brightening Black Mask

Who & What: Jayjun Refine to Shine Real Water Brightening Black Mask
Purpose: Brightening
Stars: 9/10
Repurchase: Yes

Comments: The brightening effects of this mask is amazing! Check out a more detailed review here!

Nature Republic White Vita Floral Mask
Nature Republic White Vita Floral Mask

Who & What: Nature Republic White Vita Floral Mask
Purpose: Brightening and Moisturizing
Stars: 8/10
Repurchase: Yes

Comments: I received this mask while I was shopping in a Nature Republic in Myeongdong. They were handing out small shopping baskets and each had a mask within in. I later learned from Emily (@nourishtheskin) that they often produce sample products to introduce their hydrogels in a cost effective manner, or introduce an essence from a new line of products, which is why it may not be possible to find the sample product again, but I was able to find this online!

This mask was pretty amazing! It is scented and the scent does linger, and this mask is a floral scent with a hint of citrus. The material was super soft and comfortable even though it was on the thicker side. Personally, I don’t have a preference between thick or thin masks so long as it fits well and is comfortable. For the fit, this mask was pretty great; only the nose was a tad short.

This mask is loaded with emulsion-like essence and stayed wet for 50 minutes! I almost didn’t want to take it off, but wow did this brighten my skin! The mask left my skin super soft and moisturized. It reduced some redness, but not around the pimples I have, especially not the bigger one on my forehead.

Although I’ve seen better moisturizing results from some masks, this one was still very enjoyable. I wish it were an affordable variety of a brightening mask, but although I can locate it online for something like 1,500W, it’s not from a website I recognize.

As a side note, while I love eye-candy in terms of packaging on sheetmasks, I do also enjoy super simple, no nonsense packaging on occasion as well. It doesn’t take away from the message, and it doesn’t make me feel bad about tearing the packet open!

Banila Co The Blacks Sebum Control Black Cacao Mask
Banila Co The Blacks Sebum Control Black Cacao Mask

Who & What: Banila Co The Blacks Essential Mask – Sebum Control Black Cacao
Purpose:  Black Cacao is for pore and sebum control as well as illuminating the skin
Stars: 6.5/10
Repurchase: No

Comments: This is a black sheetmask, so it is infused with purifying charcoal in order to draw out impurities from the skin. There are several varieties in this line, and the black cacao is designed for pore and sebum control.

I don’t have particularly oily skin, especially in the dry winter, but I do use pore control masks for maintenance when I feel like my skin wants to freak out. The fit of the sheetmask was almost perfect, almost because nearly everything was great; eyes were great size and not too close, sheetmask was wide, the slits were in the proper places for adherence, and the nose was pretty much the perfect length! The only, only minor issue with fit was the forehead; it was a bit short.

The mask is drenched but doesn’t leave a lot of essence behind in the packet. It clung nicely to the face once it was fitted on, and it doesn’t have much of a scent, either. It lasted about 30 minutes before the strip below the nose, and the chin area, felt dry so I removed it.

I patted in the essence and found that this reduced some of the redness around a couple of new pimples. There was also a very nice after-masking glow. The finish wasn’t stick at all. However, for some reason, the mask left little black fibres all over my face! I ended up having to wipe with a toner and finish with a cream. I’ve never had a black mask do that…or perhaps I never looked close enough? It was definitely all over my nose and cheeks, that’s for sure!


My Scheming 7-in-1 Brightening Essence Mask
My Scheming 7-in-1 Brightening Essence Mask

Who & What: My Scheming 7-in-1 Brightening Essence Mask
Purpose: Brightening
Stars: 9/10
Repurchase: No

Comments: This is a super thin mask loaded with essence! The mask is advertised to be super thin and breatheable, and it certanly was both! I was a bit amused that the packaging says the mask doesn’t easily drip but wow, did I lose a TON of essence just unfolding the mask. Open this over a sink!

The 7-in-1 within the name points to seven brightening ingredients.

The packaging reads “Combining paeonia suffruticosa root extract, scutellaria baicalensis root extract, saxifraga sarmentosa extract, acetyl tyrosine, arbutin, glutathione, and aminopropyl ascorbyl phosphate, the seven top skin brightening extracts effectively enhance skin metabolism and restore skin brighteness to release a natural glow on the skin from inside out with a fairer and smoother skin.”

I was surprised that I didn’t see niacinamide within the list as it’s supposed to be a list of top 7 brightening ingredients, long story short, this mask brightens so much it leaves the a clear outline where the mask ends on the face! The material definitely is thin; it has a pearl backing and quite frankly, I’m terrible at applying a mask then taking off the backing. The mask was surprisingly wide and reached high on my forehead, but the nose strip was super long, and the eyes were a bit close together even though it had a slit on the outer corners of the eyes.

The mask is lightly fragranced, and despite the dripping of essence – and there’s a good tablespoon of essence left in the packet – the claims were correct that, once on, the mask did not drip any essence. It adhered well and stayed damp for a good 30 minutes; I didn’t take it off until about 40 minutes and it was starting to dry in some areas.

The brightening properties are no joke. This mask left my skin super soft and very bright; it would be excellent as a daytime brightening mask if that’s what your skin needs as a pick me up. The instructions actually indicate that you should gently pat the essence in and either leave it, or rinse it off depending on your preference.

There wasn’t a ton of essence left on my face upon removal of the mask, but I did not find it sticky at all, and layered a cream over top to hold the moisture in place. The top corner of the mask does indicate that there is hyaluronic acid, but the sodium hyaluronate is pretty much in the middle of the ingredient list. I’m fine with that though, since this is primarily a brightening mask.

I’m pleasantly surprised by the fit and results of this mask! Of course, the packaging is pretty cute too! I absolutely would repurchase this, though I would also love to try other My Scheming masks!

I unintentionally ended up with 3 brightening masks out of the 5 in this selection and all of them performed very well so my skin was definitely very bright in the last couple of weeks! I’m not complaining, though!

Disclaimer: I purchased most of these and they are not sponsored products. All thoughts and opinion are honest, and my own. I am not any kind of skincare expert, and am simply exploring products in search of my holy grail products.

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