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Bi-Weekly Sheetmask Reviews – November 7-20, 2016

This November has been kind of warm so far! We’re still getting double digits in temperature highs (in celsius!) and although I’ve needed a scarf for the morning and night, the afternoon and early evening have been quite warm. This last two weeks have been a bit draining for me from a work perspective as this is our busy quarter. The biggest highlight was shopping Singles Day on AliExpress, but those items won’t arrive for probably 60 days so…we’ll see how the items turn out in 2 months time!

November 7 - November 20, 2016 Masks
November 7 – November 20, 2016 Masks featuring Etude House, Ipuda, Mamonde, Hanaka, and Make P:rem

But, on to the Bi-Weekly Sheetmask Review! These two weeks’ selection were total DUDS. I’m so upset that I had two masks that left me with mixed feelings, and three that were flat out NOs for me! I hope my next two weeks are better!

Mamonde Rose Moisturizing Flower Essential Mask
Mamonde Rose Moisturizing Flower Essential Mask

Who & What: Mamonde Rose Moisturizing Flower Essential Mask
Purpose: To moisturize
Stars: 7/10
Repurchase: No

Comments: There’s a lot of rave for the Mamonde Rose Toner so I was quite intrigued by this mask. It was a gift with purchase from somewhere. My primary worry was that it would smell really strongly of rose, and I’m very sensitive to floral scents. However, this mask’s scent was surprisingly, and pleasantly, subtle!

The mask has a creamy essence and there isn’t any left in the packet. The fit was only okay; the mask itself was a soft, plush material that felt comfortable on the face, but was a bit short on the forehead and sides for me. It stayed wet for a good 40 minutes.

I’m a little conflicted by the performance of the mask. When I took it off, the creamy essence was still all on my face, as if I’d smeared lotion on and neglected to pat it in! But, with a little bit of patting and light massaging, it felt like it was starting to absorb a bit better. But even a half hour later, if I touched my face, it felt oily, yet not in a terrible way. The best I can say is it’s like moisturizer that doesn’t full absorb and just sits on your skin. It’s not a feeling I like, but since it was night time, I treated this as if it were a sleeping mask.

I woke up to moisturized skin but not exceptional results. I have other masks that moisturize and don’t leave me with an awkward finish, so for that reason, I would not repurchase. But, if I got it as a gift with purchase again, I would use it. I would try other flavours, too!

Make P:rem Wrapping Me Moisture Sauna Mask
Make P:rem Wrapping Me Moisture Sauna Mask

Who & What: Make P:rem Wrapping Me Moisture Sauna Mask
Purpose: Create a moisture sauna for your skin
Stars: 6/10
Repurchase: No

Comments: I was really looking forward to trying this; my first ever foil mask! I like the simplicity of the packaging. This mask is normally almost $4USD each but I got it on a 1+1 deal. Good thing for that, because I wouldn’t buy this again.

The mask had a light scent that remained through the duration of the mask. There’s a little bit of essence left in the packet. When I removed the mask, one half was folded inside the other. Since this was a foil mask, so I thought trying to stick one half back into the packet would create more creases, and this left me with trying to arrange the top half of the mask on my face while still holding the bottom half.

When I got the top half on, I thought the bottom would fit easily, but it was a nightmare. It felt like it kept slipping, and no matter what I did, the mask just would not adhere to my chin! I eventually gave up and I just hoped the mask would not slide off my face. The mask has slits a little higher than either side of the chin and that did nothing to improve the fit at all.

I didn’t notice any ‘heating’ results but the mask did feel heavier on my face due to the foil. Upon removal, my face felt cool once exposed. There was a lot of essence sitting on my face, and unfortunately, after patting it, in I was left with a sticky finish. Ick. I layered on some moisturizer but it was still sticky, so I just pretended it was a night mask and left it as is. In the morning, I didn’t wake up to any particuarly amazing results.

Overall, I didn’t notice any drastic moisture boost to my skin. This mask was a dud for me. I mean, it gives a pretty average level of moisture that I expect from sheetmasks, and it made for fun picture taking to freak out the boyfriend, so I would consider this skintertainment and not much more. At this price point, I would not repurchase. Next time, I’ll try layering on the bottom half first, and then the top, maybe? Anyone have tips for me on how to put this on so it fits better?

Hanaka Macaron Facial Mask (Blue)
Hanaka Macaron Facial Mask (Blue)

Who & What: Hanaka Macaron Facial Mask (Blue)
Purpose: This is hyaluronic acid, so presumably, is a moisturizing mask.
Stars: 4/10
Repurchase: No

Comments: I realize this is not a sheetmask. I have no idea why I thought it was a sheetmask! But it’s in the ‘group photo’, so here is the review. Let’s start with packaging. Is the macaron packaging adorable? Yes. But is it informative?


So I get it; when I looked up the product, it comes in a set of 10. I received this in my subscription as a mystery item, so there’s virtually no information on it. You have to flip up the little label to see information under it. The top line, which has the product name, is written in Chinese which is the only reason I knew it was a hyaluronic acid mask without having to look up the product online. But if you’re looking for the ingredient list, or instructions for use? Sorry, the expiry date is printed right across all of that.

The mask is a clear gel that isn’t too thick. I applied it all over my face. It was cool to apply, and burned briefly around the nostril area, but the sensation disappeared quickly. The mask smells of fragrance, which is a part of the short ingredient list. After applying this evenly over my face, with extra-thick layers on either cheek, I waited 20 minutes before removing the mask. The instructional video on the Beauteque shows that you wipe the product off, but the written instructions say to wash it off with lukewarm water.

After I washed the product off, I didn’t notice a huge difference in moisture level; I would say it was less than moderately moisturizing. I get better results with sheet masks, and I don’t have to wash those off. For some reason though, there’s one spot along my jaw that was very itchy. It produced a bump in the skin that looks almost like a mosquito bite. It looks almost like some kind of reaction; whenever I get these, it disappears within a day. I’m not sure what caused it though, since the rest of my face was fine, so I am not going to attribute it to this mask.

But overall, I don’t feel like this product gave me fantastic results. Sure, it’s adorable. But for a moisturizing mask, I’d choose a sheetmask any day. However, the line does include clay masks. I think I have one that I’ll have to try. If it works well, it would be excellent for travel since they’re all one-time-use packets. I’m not sure you can buy individual flavours, though.

Ipuda Strawberry Facial Mask
Ipuda Strawberry Facial Mask

Who & What: Ipuda Strawberry Facial Mask
Purpose: Brightening and Moisturizing mask
Stars: 0/10
Repurchase: No

Comments: It’s very rare for me to have a bad review for a sheetmask. In fact, I feel like this is the first one. My skin can be sensitive, but I haven’t had adverse reactions to sheetmasks before.

First, this mask does not smell of strawberries. It does have fragrance and alcohol. The material is a thicker cotton that is not very pliable; the creases of the mask are very harsh and cannot be smoothed away. There’s a slit in the middle of the top, bottom, and two sides and the fit was very awkward and also short on the forehead. The nose flap is small and just sits on the top of my nose, leaving the two sides bare.

Within two minutes of having this mask on my face, the area around my nose started to prickle. I tried to wait it out but within another minute or so, it was burning and so was the area by the inner corners of my eyes. I immediately took the mask off and used toner to wipe off the remaining essence. After about 5 minutes, the area around my nose still feels like it is burning. It’s a little red, as is my forehead.

I’m not sure what kind of reaction I had to this mask, but I’m staying far away from this one. There’s a good tablespoon of essence left in the packet, but I’m tossing it. Yikes!

Etude House Olive Mask
Etude House Olive Mask

Who & What: Etude House Olive Mask
Purpose: Provide a high level of moisture to the skin
Stars: 7/10
Repurchase: Discontinued

Comments: This Etude House I Need You Mask in Olive was a mask that left me with mixed feelings, but it was one of the better masks out of this bunch…if you considered only the end result.

Sheetmasking is Pampering Time for me, so the experience is a part of my rating, not just the end result. This mask had a bunch of pros and cons that left me feeling unsure if I’d repurchase this; granted, it is discontinued so I guess the decision is taken out of my hands.

The material of the mask is pretty standard and soft. The fit was short for me on the sides and forehead and the eyes were too small and close, but the nose flap was the right length. The mask was wrinkled in the packet, however, which affected the performance of this specific mask but not necessarily other masks of the same variety. I did try to smooth it out to the best of my ability, but come on, even the little strip between the lip and nose was wrinkled. Despite this, the mask did adhere well.

The essence was an emulsion-like, creamy essence and the mask smelled like lotion. Not overwhelming, but it does linger. The mask wasn’t dripping with essence, but the packet still had a bit left.

The mask only lasted 25 minutes for me, and that was a bit of a stretch. It was dry around the outer edges already and only still a little damp right in the center of my cheeks. Upon removal though, my face was plump, brightened, and moisturized! The essence was not sticky at all and my skin just drank it all up. Redness was reduced and my face feels soft.

The end result was pretty fab, otherwise I would have considered this a total dud despite the love this line of mask gets. I’m not sure if the new line does contain a similar mask, and I’d be open to trying it again! But this particular packet, with those wrinkles, starting me on the wrong foot for the mask (I’m telling you, as soon as I pulled out the wrinkled mask, my expectations for the mask plummeted).

So overall, the selection for the last two weeks sucked. Hoping my next two weeks will be better. Did you have better results with these masks? I hope you did!

Disclaimer: I purchased most of these and they are not sponsored products. All thoughts and opinion are honest, and my own. I am not any kind of skincare expert, and am simply exploring products in search of my holy grail products.

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