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Part 2: Second Reviewer’s Package from

Here is Part 2 of my 2nd Reviewer’s Package! I was lucky enough to have received 7 items for review. You can find part one here.

If you haven’t checked out their website yet, be sure you do! There’s such a vast variety of masks on that website, with really good prices! Plus, don’t miss out on their giveaways and reviews and product introductions on their Instagram @skin18com and @skin18com_usa!

Now, let’s go on with a review of the remaining 3 items! Second Reviewer Package Second Reviewer Package. I received 3 sheet masks, a nose clearing strip, eye mask, wash off mask, and a modeling mask!

I received these items in a Reviewer’s Package from in exchange for my honest opinions and thoughts. All opinions are my own.

Beauty Friends II Royal Jelly Mask
Beauty Friends II Royal Jelly Mask

Here’s the mask that excited me the most out of the package: the Beauty Friends II Royal Jelly Essence Mask!

This was the first I’d heard of this brand, and if you check Beauty Friends II on you’ll find that they have a large variety of sheetmasks! I was very excited for the royal jelly mask because I’ve had pretty good results in the past with masks that have this ingredient. Royal Jelly is supposed to heighten the skin’s ability to retain moisture, as well as soften the skin. I also spotted ingredients like licorice extract, which make sense for the brightening effects.

However, I was not a particular fan of this mask due to the fit. The mask was thick and long, leaving my two sides of my face quite bare. The thickness meant adherence was a bit of an issue, so the chin area kept coming off my face. The nose flap was slimmer than normal so the two sides of my nose were exposed! There was also a strong alcohol scent upon opening the package, although it dissipated relatively quickly.

The mask lasted about 35 minutes for me. I didn’t feel much tingling, but my cheeks were a bit red when the mask was removed. Overall, the skin is a bit moisturized and brightened. The finish was not sticky, but I had to finish with a moisturizer as this mask alone was not moisturizing enough for my dry skin. I would give this a 6/10 rating, because it does a little of what it claims to do, but I’m just not a fan of the material, fit, and lack of adherence.

Inoface Modeling Cup Pack - Collagen
Inoface Modeling Cup Pack – Collagen

The Inoface Modeling Mask (Collagen) was my second ever modeling mask!

Truthfully, I am not great at measuring out the mask-to-water ratio! Even with detailed instructions from the website, my mask turned out a little watery. Luckily, someone had advised that one full cup may be too much (thank you @missbabakiss!) so I had used only half of the mask. I was able to add a little more of the mask mixture in to create what I believed was the perfect consistency for me. The fact, as the name Inoface Modeling Cup Pack suggests, this comes in a cup, making it very convenient to save some of the mixture, or to use the whole thing!

The slightly watery texture of the mask meant it was a little drippy to apply; however, it gave me more time to apply it to my face before it started to set. Some of it dripped from my nose to my lips, and I thought to myself, “heck, people put modeling masks on their lips all the time, so I might as well!” and that turned out to be an excellent decision.

The hardest part (with modeling masks) for me, is trying to keep the mask even and not too thin around the edges on my face, and around the eyebrows and eyes. If it’s too think, it is very difficult to remove. I was not successful at this, but a little cotton pad and toner helped to do the trick to remove those dried edges after I was done with the mask.

This Modeling Mask in Collagen is meant for saggy, droopy, and dry skin, and should firm and brighten your skin. While I don’t have saggy or droopy skin right now, and can’t quite speak to the firming capabilities of this mask, this definitely brightened my skin and provided slight moisture for me after just 15 minutes. The fact this smelled like candy was a bonus and made the mask experience very enjoyable for me.

And as for putting this over my lips? This resulted in very soft, hydrated lips! My lips are always chapped and dry, and I’m forever applying lip balms, but I found the hydration from this mask lasted several hours before I felt the need to apply lip balm again.

Cracare 3 Step Anti-Aging Snail Repairing Mask
Cracare 3 Step Anti-Aging Snail Repairing Mask

I admit that I saved what I felt was best for last. It’s the Cracare Anti-Aging Snail Repairing Mask, which is a three step mask with a 1.5ml Anti-Aging Active Ampoule, 22ml sheetmask, and 2ml Anti-Aging Night Cream! The mask promises skin-lightening and firming by deeply moisturizing the skin.

This product boasts an impressive lineup of main ingredients including: Adenosine, Snail Secretion Filtrate (110mg), Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Flower Extrat, Lillum Candidum Flower Extract, Sambucus Nigra Flower Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leafe Juice Powder, Betaine, and Artemisia Vulgaris Extract.

I expected the ampoule to be clear, but it turned out to look more like emulsion and was white. It smelled like lotion and was a nice, light scent. After applying this to my face, I gave it a couple of minutes to absorb a bit before I put the sheetmask on. This mask fit pretty well! The material itself wasn’t too thick, but it retained a lot of essence. I was surprised to see that the recommended time was 20-30 minutes instead of the more common 15-20 minute recommendation.

The mask lasted 40 minutes for me before I took it off and I patted the remaining essence in. It was not tacky at all, and I did apply the remaining essence to my face and neck. My face was moisturized and plump, but I didn’t see drastic brightening effects. I applied the night cream, which was not nearly as thick as I expected it to be. For my dry skin, it absorbed very quickly and I contemplated for a moment whether I wanted to layer a sleeping mask on top, but I didn’t. I did like the texture though; the night cream did not leave my face feeling sticky at all.

The next morning, I woke up with moisturized skin and my base make up (bb cushion) applied well, especially in the spot between my eyebrows where I always seem to have a dry patch! I think I might actually be interested to buy the ampoule if I could, if it helped to boost the results of the sheetmask! For a three-step mask, this definitely is not too pricey!

Thank you, once again,, for providing these products for my honest review! I enjoyed most of the products and I do love trying brands I haven’t seen elsewhere! Out of these items, my favourite was the Cracare Anti-Aging Snail Repairing Mask, and I would definitely recommend it!

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