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Part 1: Second Reviewer’s Package from

Back in June, I had received a lovely Reviewer’s package from They have kindly sent a second reviewer’s package for me with even more lovely items!

If you haven’t yet, be sure you check out the website! They always have wonderful deals, a very different selection, giveaways, and special discounts! Stay up to date with their newest offerings through their IG accounts @skin18com and @skin18com_usa!

Since I was lucky enough to receive seven items in this package, I will split this into two posts so it’s easier to digest! Second Reviewer Package Second Reviewer Package. I received 3 sheet masks, a nose clearing strip, eye mask, wash off mask, and a modeling mask!

I received these items in a Reviewer’s Package from in exchange for my honest opinions and thoughts. All opinions are my own.

Luke Aloe Essence Mask
Luke Aloe Essence Mask (Rating 8/10)

The very first mask I tried was the Luke Aloe Essence Mask. This mask caught my eye because it is marked as ‘super moisturizing’, and as someone with dry skin, I NEED ‘super moisturizing’!

This is the time of year where the temperature swings drastically from day to night. We have lows of 7*C (45*F) up to highs of 21*C (70*F) so neither the heat or the air conditioner are on. Despite that, the mask was freezing cold; I knew the moment I touched it that it would be super cold for my face!

This Luke Aloe Essence Mask promises to deeply moisturize and condition the skin using concentrated, natural plant extracts which help the skin to absorb nutrients. It is supposed to have extracts that help to soften the skin and help heighten the skins moisture-retention capacity. It should refresh, sooth, and firm tired skin while improving elasticity.

Well, the cold mask was certainly refreshing! The fit for me is only a so-so. I would have preferred if it was wider on either side. Overall, though, it is a fairly typical fit. The scent is refreshing and not too strong, and there is about a teaspoon of essence left in the packet. The scent doesn’t dissipate but it didn’t bother me at all.

The mask has a lot of live up to, considering that I have an Aloe mask that I do consider my holy grail and keep a steady stash on hand. The mask lasted 45 minutes for me, and left my skin plump and hydrated! I knew, judging from the state of my skin, that I would wake up with soft, hydrated skin, and I did!

However, as an Aloe mask, I did expect some soothing results, such as redness reduction, or that it would sooth the small pimples I have popping up on my forehead. I didn’t see these results, or any brightening effects that I typically get from really hydrating masks, but my skin definitely feels moisturized, which is what this mask says it will do! The best part is, the remaining essence absorbed easily without much stickiness!

Luke Lemon Tea Tree Nose Clearing Strip, Luke Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch, Purederm Mango Yogurt Pack
Luke Lemon Tea Tree Nose Clearing Strip, Luke Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch, Purederm Mango Yogurt Pack

Next in line was a triple-mask pamper session, including the Luke Lemon Tea Tree Nose Clearing Strip, Luke Colagen Hydrogel Eye Patch, and Purederm Mango Yogurt Pack!

First up was the Luke Lemon Tea Tree Nose Clearing Strip. I used this after cleansing. I was half afraid that this would smell very bad, like the Charcoal one did! To my surprise, it smelled okay; a little citrus and a lot of herb-like scent but not quite like tea tree. The nose strip was easy to apply and I find it takes a little longer to dry than other nose strips that I have and use on occasion. It does it’s job well, but so far, I haven’t seen drastic differences between various brands of nose strips. Luke’s nose strip is supposed to contain something called Hamamelis, to tighten pores after the strip is removed, but I did not see this effect.

Next, I applied the Purederm Mango Yogurt Pack. The mango extract in this mask should soothe and moisturize the skin. The yogurt extract should leave your face soft and smooth. However, I am slightly concerned that this contains Yellow 5, which is…a food colouring? Why do we need this in the mask?

The mask itself is white with mango-coloured specs that dissolved once applied to the skin. The texture is very much like yogurt, and I found it to smell like yogurt more so than mango. The instructions don’t indicate whether or not you need a thick layer, but since it’s only meant for 5-10 minutes, I assumed it could be a thin layer. There’s probably enough in the packet for 2-3 uses. The sweet scent is persistent for the full time I had the mask on (full 10 minutes). It dries to a transparent film and is very slippery on the skin when you try to wash it off.

The mask does a good job in moisturizing. When I don’t immediately start my skincare regimen after washing my face, it tends to feel very tight, very quickly, if it is dry. I managed to do other things for several minutes before I started with my routine, and my face did not feel dry at all. My cheeks do also feel quite smooth. However, the Yellow 5 ingredient is off-putting, especially since the mask itself wasn’t even really yellow. No matter how little there is, it seems unnecessary (please correct me if I’m wrong), and for that reason, I likely would not repurchase this particular flavour.

After moving through my skincare regimen up to the ampoule step, I ended my pampering session with the Luke Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patches. These are meant to firm the undereye area, and moisturize the area as well. It is recommended that you apply a little eye cream first, then the patches for 20-30 minutes, then end with eye cream or serum again, and that was exactly what I did.

I was a bit surprised by how this mask looked. I thought it would be a hydrogel (entirely). But these little eye patches are hydrogel on one side, and a fiber on the other. In fact, it reminded me of the nose strips! They feel a bit more adhesive than other hydrogels I’ve used (some of which are borderline slippery). It adheres so well that I was a bit worried because I felt it ‘pull’ a bit when I put it too close to my eye.

After 30 minutes, I peeled off the hydrogel. It seems to be ever so slightly thinner than when I applied it. True to my concerns, there is a bit of ‘pull’ when removing it. You can actually see the skin being pulled, which is not exactly what you want for the under eye area.

The very first impression after removing the mask was that I needed to get a TON of them. I don’t usually treat my eyes even though I have eye masks in my stash; I tend to forget to give my under eye area more love. However, the lines beneath my eyes (I like to think of them as natural lines and not fine lines HAHA) were almost completely GONE. It was amazing; the under eye area was all plumped up!

Before, during, and after use of the Luke Collagen Hydrogel Eye Mask.
Before, during, and after use of the Luke Collagen Hydrogel Eye Mask. I’m not really good at these B&A photos >_< but I tried my best! You can see the line from the inner corner of the eye is quite prominent. After using the hydrogel, about thirty minutes later, it’s returned but much less prominent. Eyes are less puffy as well. However, for maybe 10-15 minutes immediately after removing the mask, those lines were completely GONE!

HOWEVER. This result lasted for less than 30 minutes. Within that time, the lines started to re-appear again. I don’t believe there’s a miracle eye mask that would ‘fix’ the under eye area with a single use. But, I do think that there may be some that could have temporary effects that last for a few hours. If that had been the case, I would have purchased these for use before special events as opposed to regular treatment, because the instant effect upon removal was AMAZING. Still, despite the quick return of the lines, my under eye was less puffy, so overall, I would give this a 7/10 rating.

There you have it, a review of the first four items from my Review Package! Please look forward to the second blog post soon (second blog post here)!

Thank you, once again,, for providing these products for my honest review!

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