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Bi-Weekly Sheetmask Reviews – October 10-21, 2016

Back for some more sheetmask reviews! I love how pampered some sheetmasks can make me feel. Some are fun, some don’t work out, some are costly, and some are very affordable. Overall, I look forward to using sheetmasks regularly!

Having been travelling, and returning sick, it has taken me a couple of weeks to settle back into a more regular routine. Now, I think I’m able to continue my bi-weekly sheetmask reviews!

October 10 - October 21 New Masks
October 10 – October 21 New Masks, featuring A’pieu, Tony Moly, Mediheal, Acwell, and SeaNTree.

Three out of five of these masks were a win for me, which was pretty fantastic! This time of year, my skin feels dry and dehydated more than ever; to the point that I’m actually thinking I need to invest in a humidifier for both my skin and my breathing! But as I’m still making that decision, at the very least, I can rely on sheet masks to give my face some much-needed moisture and hydration. Out of the above masks, the first one, A’Pieu’s Milk Mask, is hands down the winner of the batch. I’m a bit sad I picked up so few of these! If they are permanent in the A’Pieu brand (at least, for a while) then I need to make sure I stock up on them once I try the other flavours.

Without further ado, here’s how these five masks fared!

A'pieu White Milk One Pack (Hydrating)
A’pieu White Milk One Pack (Hydrating)

Who & What: A’pieu White Milk One Pack – Hydrating
Purpose: To hydrate the skin
Stars: 9.5/10
Repurchase: YES!

Comments: My face was left SO PLUMP and ‘Chok Chok’ after this mask! If someone applied this to my face and asked me how much I would have paid for it, I would have willingly paid $2-3 CAD for the results. But this mask ONLY cost 800W, which is like $1 CAD! It smells of sweet milk dessert but isn’t overwhelming. My skin was so bright and hydrated after this! The fit was fantastic, top to bottom, left to right! I would totally stock up on these, but right now, my mask stash is out of hand 😦 I hope these are limited time and are permanent in their collection. I need to try all the other flavours and stock up on the ones I like!

The only reason I took off the 0.5 from the score is because I found the packet hard to open (could just be me) but also because the mask was folded 4 times instead of the usual 3. It meant an extra crease in the mask which I wasn’t a fan of, but would not deter me from using this mask at all!

SeaNTree Snail 100 Mask Sheet
SeaNTree Snail 100 Mask Sheet

Who & What: SeaNTree Snail 100 Mask Sheet
Purpose: The package says Snail secretion filtrate keeps skin in a smooth and glossy condition. This mask was highly recommended by the sale associate amongst all masks they had on promotion at the store.
Stars: 6.5/10
Repurchase: No

Comments: This mask left me feeling so conflicted! The results were great; reduced redness in cheeks, face brightened and skin tone evened out. Felt hydrated and would follow up with moisturizer because it’s so dry here. Price point was fantastic (would have been even if it wasn’t on sale). Fit was okay, just a bit short on the forehead.

But the perfumed scent that lingered totally killed it for me 😦 Maybe I should stick to using this mask when my allergies are attacking me and I can’t breathe through my nose? I enjoyed the results of the mask; the finish wasn’t tacky or sticky, but this lingering smell is just too much. I just can’t :(.

Mediheal A:PE Soothing Sheet Mask
Mediheal A:PE Soothing Sheet Mask

Who & What: Mediheal A:PE Soothing Sheet Mask
Purpose: I feel like most soothing masks should help reduce redness in trouble areas or the skin overall (Sorry I can’t read Korean, so if this is totally wrong, please let me know!)
Stars: 8.5/10
Repurchase: Yes

Comments: This mask was such a surprise! Given my expectation of what I FELT the mask should do (based on the word ‘Soothing’), I thought the results were lack-luster because there was very minor redness reduction and the little pimples I had on my forehead did not look any different than before the mask. The mask has an extra lip flap but since I don’t like to put masks over my lips, I flipped it up as a double layer between the nose and lips, which helps to keep that strip hydrated, since that always dries first. The finish was a little sticky, but I left it and went to bed a little disappointed.

However, when I woke up the next morning, my face was so hydrated and plump! The redness was still there, but still, my skin was so soft and smooth! The masks in this line have Proatin in the essence, which is meant to help seal in moisture. Above anything else, this worked fantastically as a hydrating mask with some brightening effects, so for that reason, I would repurchase this!

Tony Moly Pikachu Moisture Mask Sheet
Tony Moly Pikachu Moisture Mask Sheet (Gift with Purchase)

Who & What: Tony Moly Pikachu Moisture Mask Sheet with Honey Extract
Purpose: Nourishing Honey in this mask is meant to provide full vitality to the skin
Stars: 6/10
Repurchase: Not available (but if it were, the answer would sadly be a no)

Comments: First note, everyone has been asking whether this is a character mask. The answer is no, and I’m not sure if that makes me feel sad, or relieved ^_^’! This mask, at the time that I got it, was only a gift with purchase and not available for actual purchase. You have to have a Tony Moly store membership to get it, but the sales lady was so frazzled by my lack of Korean (and subsequently, lack of local phone number) that she just gave them to me without a membership. She tried really hard though; she even whipped out her phone, with Google Translate, to try to communicate with me, so kudos to her!

The mask does not smell much like honey 😦 I got a whiff of it as I opened the package, and that was about it. The sheet mask was also very much crumpled in the packet. I’m not sure if all the masks are like that, or just this one, but it meant the possibility of more creases on my face. The fit, however, was not bad, although I found the eye holes to be a tad on the small side. The material wasn’t anything fancy; not too thin and not too thick. The mask was wet, but not dripping with essence, and there was about a small teaspoon of essence left in the packet.

The mask lasted 30 minutes and some spots were drying so I took it off. Only a little bit of essence was left on the face and required patting in, and it was not tacky at all.

End result? Slightly moisturized skin, and slight reduction in redness around some small pimples I have on my forehead. To be honest, it was a very mediocre mask but it has ridiculously cute packaging that I’m totally in love with. I wouldn’t buy it, if it were available for purchase, but I’m super happy that I did get to try it.

Acwell Water Mask
Acwell Water Moisture Mask

Who & What: Acwell Water Moisture Mask
Purpose: Moisturize the skin
Stars: 7.5/10
Repurchase: Maybe

Comments: I struggled with rating this mask. I found the wide fit (top to bottom, left to right) super nice since it covered ear to ear and a little under my chin! The mask also has those little eye flaps, but I did not use them. The material was very thick; almost heavy in weight although not to the level of suffocating. The mask didn’t seem particularly soaked in essence, yet it managed to stay damp for a full 50 minutes! The essence must have been thoroughly soaked in the mask. Only a little essence remained in the packet.

This was my first every eucalyptus sheet mask, although to be quite honest, I’m not too sure what exactly makes the eucalyptus sheet special. The mask has oriental herbs and fermented rice water. I find rice-anything helps to brighten my skin, and the other ingredients are supposed to leave your skin highly moisturized.

After the 50 minutes, my face does feel plump and moisturized, with redness reduced in the cheeks. My complexion is certainly brighter. The remaining essence on my face was a little tacky, but it absorbed well after just under 10 minutes.

All of the above seem to be positive things, but somehow, I don’t feel it is worth more than 7.5 stars. I think it was the overall experience. The mask was so thick that instead of forgetting it was there, I was very aware of it. Yes, my skin was moisturized, but not exceptionally different than what I’ve experienced in a variety of other sheet masks. There’s a slight scent and it is very faint so I’m pleased with that. I’m guessing this mask is a little more expensive because of the ingredient list, but I wonder if there’s either too little to make a significant difference, or you need to use this mask consistently to see the results. I don’t know, it did it’s job, but I just don’t feel particularly wowed by this mask.

I’m starting to find that I’m really bothered by scents. I wonder if it has to do with seasonal sensitivity (read: allergies)? It’s just that if the scent lingers for too long, it tends to give me a bit of a headache. The only exception seems to be the Papa Recipe Honey Mask, which has a lovely, subtle scent overall. I guess I’ll have to keep trying to see if it’s only certain scents!

Did any of these grab your attention, or are they already masks that you love? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I purchased most of these and they are not sponsored products. All thoughts and opinion are honest, and my own. I am not any kind of skincare expert, and am simply exploring products in search of my holy grail products.

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