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Subscription: Beauteque BBBag September 2016

Dear Beauteque, I don’t know if your US-based customers are receiving their packages more promptly than before, but as your Canadian customer, it’s taking longer than before 😦 My package shipped out on September 23 and I did not receive it until October 8. Previously, I would receive my packages between probably the 20th to 26th of the month, and now, my package isn’t arriving until the following month! Not only is it taking longer to arrive, it’s shipping later and later 😦

Subscription Details:
Beauteque is supposed to be a subscription that costs $22-$24 USD monthly plus $6.95 to ship (to Canada) and recipients should receive 6-8 full size items. For the 9th month, I have received 6 items, not all of which are ‘full size’.

Beauteque September 2016 BBBag
Beauteque September 2016 BBBag

Total Value according to Beauteque: $71.96 + $6.95 S&H = $78.91
Total Value if purchased separately: $9.17 + ₩6,570 ($6.09 USD) shipping (TesterKorea) + $56.98  = $72.24
Difference in Beauteque’s listed price and possible purchase price: $6.67
Total Savings with $24 per month + shipping: $41.29

Calculations are based on best choice of purchases based strictly on price and shipping combination. This particular month, many items were not available on popular websites, hence majority of the prices are only based on Jolse’s pricing.

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1) Esfolio Black Caviar Eye Patch ($28.00 Value)
Testerkorea (₩33,000, approx $30.57 USD)

When I saw this spoiler, I was immediately intrigued! I enjoy eye masks as a bit of a luxury and this one does sound luxurious. It comes within 60 (or 30 masking sessions) so I’m excited to try this! Previously, Beauteque had sent out Dr. Morita eye masks in a different month, which are individually packed. Now, I can keep those for travel and use these ones at home, since they come in a tub! I hope it has a spatula.

2) Annie’s Way Jelly Mask ($3.99 x 2 = $7.98 Value)
ANF Cosmetics ($4.00 CAD x 2 = $8.00 CAD, approx $5.97 USD, + $10.00 shipping)

I have always been interested in trying Annie’s Way masks but I heard the expiry date (when you open the tub) is very short. There’s also a ton of variety, and I’ve heard the most popular are the honey and hyaluronic acid. I received the Charcoal and Snail versions, which I’m still quite excited about! What I’m not so excited about, is that I don’t really consider these sample packs to be ‘full size’ items. But I guess they sell them like this nowadays. Surprisingly, they sell via a Canadian website for just $4 CAD (tax free at this moment), although shipping is a flat rate $10 unless you spend over $75.

3) Dual-Ended Eye Brush ($5.00 Value)
Unable to locate

As someone who doesn’t own a lot of make up brushes, I think this would be very handy for travel. However, when it comes to washing this, how are you supposed to was this properly? I heard you shouldn’t prop up brushes to dry lest the water soak into the glue, but with double-ended brushes, I guess your only option is to lay it flat to dry? This brush does come completely sealed so I haven’t opened it and can’t say whether the bristles are of good quality, but this is a $5 brush. Oddly enough, it has an expiry date of December 2019.

4) Yadah Auto Lip Crayon in 07 Rose Beige ($6.99 Value)
Unable to locate

Hey, a lip crayon that actually doesn’t look too bold for me! Previously, I received a lipstick that was a very bold red, which is very intimidating for someone like me, someone who only wears very light make up. This looks like it could be a nice colour, so I’m excited to try this!

5) Secret Key Lemon D-TOC Peeling Gel ($15.00 Value)
Testerkorea (₩9,900, approx $9.17 USD)

I’ve heard loads about this Peeling Gel being very good, and relatively cheap! As someone with dry skin, I need to exfoliate (or try to remember to exfoliate) 2-3 times a week to ensure I don’t have flaky spots. I’m using a peeling gel from The Face Shop at this moment, which is quite gentle, but am looking forward to trying this one, which I’ve heard other bloggers rave about.

6) Deoproce Power Curling Mascara ($8.99 Value)
Unable to locate

Unable to locate this mascara, and am not particularly familiar with the brand. I can’t really use mascaras because I end up looking like a panda, but good on Beauteque on including some variety in the subscriptions. If I remember correctly, we may have received one other mascara through this year, so this is great. At least it’s not another acne spot-treatment product, which we’ve received several already!

September’s Conclusion: The eye masks were definitely a luxurious item in this month’s bag! The peeling gel I was going to get anyway, I’ve always wanted to try the Annie’s Way masks, and I think the lip crayon colour may work well for me (granted, still need to see how it actually works on my lips both colour-wise and quality-wise) so all in all, I would call this month a pretty successful bag!

What do you think? Did anything catch your eye?

Disclaimer: I purchased this subscription on my own and all opinions are my own.

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