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Benefits of an Epilator for Hair Removal

We are well into summer here in Canada, with super hot and humid days! Really shouldn’t complain, considering how long and cold our winters can be, but this is the time to be sporting sleeveless shirts, shorts, cute summer dresses, and more!

Of course, for most of us, it means we have to get rid of some hairs. When we think about this, I think most of us commonly thing of shaving, waxing, or that chemical stuff that’s hard to bear if you have sensitive skin (or otherwise, but I’ve never tried so I really cannot comment)!

As someone blessed with not tooooo much hair on my legs and underarms, for years I’ve used a manual tweezer. Yes, it’s a little awkward. Yes, it is time consuming. Yes, sometimes it can hurt. No, you cannot get it done in a rush. But I liked the results that lasted a little longer, and the fact that the hairs that felt less coarse when growing back in since they were plucked from the root…at least, to the best of my ability.

So when a friend tried an epilator, and suggested that I do the same, I asked her whether it hurt. That was my biggest concern. See, a epilator is a little device that will tweeze, or epilate, multiple hairs at once. It sounded like it could be pretty painful. My friend declared that her pain tolerance was much lower than mine, so when I saw a deal on this product on Amazon, I went ahead and picked it up.

Braun Silk Epil 7
Braun Silk Epil 7

If I remember correctly, this cost just under $80 USD. It’s still available on now although I’m sure there are much newer models by now!

This is a little rechargeable unit that comes with a flat, mostly smooth head, or the one you see in the above picture, which is what I call the ‘rolly head’, designed to help sooth your skin in a manual massaging motion as you use the device. Each charge lasts for a very long time for me. The device also came with a little cleaning brush, and a simple white bag to store everything.

Disclaimer: I have not tried threading, or various waxing kits, store-bought or DIY. These are the benefits I see and experience from using an epilator, compared to methods I’ve used before, which include manual tweezing, waxing (at a store, not at home), or using a razor (Schick  or cheaper Bic razors). I only use this for my legs and underarms.

Benefits of using an epilator

  1. Quick & Effective. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to use and the results LAST. I use this once every couple of weeks, if that, on my legs and underarms.
  2. Not Harsh. Even without the use of things like shaving creams, this process does not leave my skin red, nor irritated.
  3. Finer Hairs. The hairs grow in finer because they’re pulled from the root. I feel like a fewer grow back each time, although perhaps, they just grow in at different speeds.
  4. Two speeds, plus a little light. The light is super handy when you’re looking for fine hairs. The dual speed is not a huge pro for me since I only use the higher speed setting. The first time I used it, I switched it right on the higher setting, went, ‘AHHHHH’ and put it to my leg. It was over-dramatic and not nearly as painful as I thought it would be.
  5. Mess-free. No wax, no creams, no strip, just a little device. You can do this at home at your leisure. It’s super easy to clean with the little brush. I haven’t had any issues with my particular Braun Silk Epil 7, but I haven’t tried any other epilators so I cannot really comment.
  6. Possibly Price. No need to purchase disposable razors (nice or cheap ones), or wax strips, or pay to get it done elsewhere. This more than paid for itself if I measure it against the time I needed to manually do remove hairs the way I used to (but hey, it built patience, so that’s good, right?)

Cons of using an epilator

  1. Pain. This is no biggie for me, but I understand I am blessed with not too much hair on my legs or underarms, and it really feels no different than manually ‘plucking’ the hairs as I used to do.
  2. Possibility of ingrown hairs. I believe this is something that can happen regardless of the method of hair removal. Regular exfoliation of the skin should help to prevent this.

So there you have it, a nice little consolidated idea of what an epilator is. I did think long and hard before I made the purchase, and did a little bit of research (mostly about the pain and ‘first time using’ type blog posts and videos, but none of it seemed to bad. It’s probably one of the better purchase decisions I’ve made for my body care!

So what do you guys think? What’s your preferred method for hair removal?

Disclaimer: I did not receive this as a sponsored product and all thoughts are my own. I am not an expert in this field, and am writing based only on my own experiences.

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2 thoughts on “Benefits of an Epilator for Hair Removal

  1. Awwwe dear. I need this device. Ive been using the old fashioned tweezers too for my armpit, I cant afford a laser removal yet so thats the best option I have for now for my underarms. It may be time consuming (took an hr!) But at the same time it is satisfying to pull out the hair XD I dont want to shave my armpits with razors anymore bcause I believe it can darken the armpit (do you believe in this superstition too?). Great post dear! I will buy this device when I have the $ ^^


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