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Review: Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask

Pretty sure this is a solid love affair. I was smitten with this mask as soon as I saw the packaging, and the fact that it was honey-related. But everyone was raving about it, too, and it made me REALLY want to try it! Is this what you call FOMO?

Unfortunately, it’s (usually) not particularly cheap. Here where I live, it costs, on sale, $30 CDN plus 13% tax, about $33.90 for a box of ten, or about $25.30 USD. Not only that, but I couldn’t find individual ones to purchase to try, so I held off, hoping that I would be able to find it elsewhere. And, if I were honest with myself, I have a pretty large sheetmask hoard that I need to work my way through before finding new, exciting things to try.

TeddyBearBeauty Masktropolis
Yes, it’s a big hoard. This is my #Masktropolis. I am trying to be responsible and to haul less and explore what I have. I just have pretty terrible ‘ooo shiny!’ syndrome.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure the Asian Beauty Sheet Mask Fairies smiled down upon me, because @MindYourBeauty did a giveaway and I won, and it came with the original Bombee Honey Mask (along with the two new ones, which I haven’t tried yet!) She sent me a ton of decants, all of which were brand spanking new to me, but this was absolutely the first item that I had to try!

Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask
Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask

Who: Papa Recipe
What: Bombee Honey Mask (Sheet Mask) with honey and propolis extract
When: In the evening, after most steps of skincare, but before moisturizer
Where: Face
Scent: Honey. Super delicious, real-not-fake honey!
Hydration Level: 5/5 (I’m tempted to rate it higher than 5!)
Price: Around $3.39 CDN per sheet, which is mid-to-high range for sheet masks (excluding hydrogels and whatnot, of course). For some time, it was available on Global Interpark as a free shipping item, discounted to around $16 USD a box I believe, but I missed that boat 😦

**Youtuber @meejmuse mentioned this as one of the top selling Korean sheetmasks so far in 2016, you can watch her video here.

My trial of this mask went something like this:
Omg why is this so hard to rip open?
WOW. It smells so good. SO GOOD.
This is really thin and stretchy.
One. Two. *cringe* Noooo Three! Four..!!! (drops of essence that fell into the sink as I tried to apply this mask to my face).
This smells so good!!
Wait what happened, did I stretch this? Why are there gaps?
Cool, this fits all the way towards my ears!
I can’t get over this scent!
This feels so good. I need more. It’s only been 2 minutes but I think I need more.
*text sister* YOU NEED TO TRY THIS NOW.
I wish I could swim in a bathtub of this.
I should pay attention to this show I’m watching, except I can’t get over how nice this smells.
**One Hour Later**
I wonder what would happen if I left this on even longer? It’s still pretty damp. I should be good and take it off. But this is so nice T__T I don’t want to take it off!
*Take it off and put it on my leg*
*8 minutes later, take it off and put it on my other leg*
*Resigned to throwing out the mask, it’s still damp*
Goodbye, my lovely honey mask T__T
*Return to bathroom to apply cream to seal in the good stuff….OMG THERE’S SOME ESSENCE LEFT!! YES!!

Yup. That’s pretty much how my hour went. I counted down the minutes because I really did not want to take the mask off. This felt so good, hydrating, and soothed some of the redness on my cheeks.

The next morning, my face was still hydrated and smooth! It was brighter and I think overall, I was just a lot happier due to the results, the experience, and the fact I finally got to try this mask out. It was everything I expected, and more!

I immediately messaged my friend in Hong Kong, telling her she NEEDED this. Like, immediately. That evening (her next day) she WhatsApped me a photo as she had gone to Watsons and found it on sale for $90HKD (approximately $16 CAD for a box of 10). Then, she went back and picked up a couple more boxes to pass to a family friend to bring back to me at the end of their summer holiday. Soon, you will be in my possession, my lovelies!!!

I admit, I do feel super intrigued by hyped up items, especially when I see they are recommended by people whom love items that I also love myself. However, this does also mean that I have much higher expectations for these particular products. This mask absolutely lived up to the hype. It’s probably definitely one of my favourite sheet masks now, along with the Primera Moist-Up Mask and the Leaders Aloe Mask. But this particular mask was a lot thinner, and smelled a lot better, and I just can’t get over this! I need to layer this all over me. That would be my definitely of heaven right now.

Have you tried this mask before? Did you love it too? Thank you so much, Janessa, for sending this in the giveaway, I really loved it!

Disclaimer: I received this in a giveaway and did not purchase it. All thoughts are my own. I am not any kind of skincare expert, and am simply exploring products in search of my holy grails. (Found one!)

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  1. Wanted to ask in your next post if you’d recommend the innisfree spf for winter, but couldn’t find the comment button! haha.. If you have one to recommend let me know, I have dry, combo skin. Thanks!


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