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Subscription: Beauteque Mask Maven June 2016

Beauteque does an Instagram Giveaway each month for their subscribers if you post a picture and meet the requirements outlined on their little product sheet. I was lucky enough to have won a 3 month Mask Maven subscription, and June 2016 is actually the second package I received!

Subscription Details:
Each month ranges for $13 – $15 USD plus $6.95 shipping (to Canada), and contains 9 – 11 masks. There’s a pretty good variety of sheet masks, but I think much like their Beauteque BBBag where they advertise 6-8 items, this is always on the low end (9 masks in this case).

It’s not my intention to sound ungrateful, of course, seeing as I won this in a giveaway, but having received 6 out of 12 BBBags with 6 items and no more, and received my 2 of 3 Mask Mavens with 9 masks and no more, I’m beginning to question if their current subscriptions have any more than the advertised minimum.

Beauteque Mask Maven 2016
Beauteque Mask Maven 2016

I haven’t tried any of these masks, but I’m super excited to test some of these out! This month’s theme is a Skincare Sundae, so we have fruits and honey and a mix of other items!

Masks include:
Lovemore Wine Yeast Mask
Lovemore Rose Hybrid Whitening Mask
Dr. Morita Green Tea & Amino Essence Moisturizing Facial Mask
Daylight and Hue Propolis Mask
Lus Essence Royal Jelly Mask
No:hj Manuka Honey Mask
A’Pieu Melon and Milk Mask
Ipuda Strawberry Mask
Hanaka Macaron Facial Mask (this one is not a face mask)

I’m a little surprised there were so many in here that are from brands I hadn’t seen or heard of. I’ll be sure to take a look at the ingredients. I’m impressed that there’s Lovemore, and No:hj, even Dr. Morita, but we’ll have to see what the results of the other lesser-known brands are like.

Are there any masks here you’d love to try, or have tried and love?

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