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Subscription: Beauteque BBBag June 2016

Wow, time flies! It’s already June and work has kept me busy, stressed, and busier! Thank goodness I have a few mail days as highlights, and lots of goodies to pamper myself with in the evenings! In these past few weeks, I was also lucky enough to have won a giveaway from @MindYourBeauty and she sent me some decants of products she knew I wanted to try. I’m so thankful, because now I’m not itching to buy as many things since I get to try them first! I’m slowly working them into my routine so we’ll see how that will go.

This month’s theme is Sweet Treats – Dessert For Your Skin!

Subscription Details:
Beauteque is a subscription that provides 6-8 full size Asian Beauty items monthly. These cost $22-$24 USD monthly, depending on how long you subscribe for, plus $6.95 to ship them to Canada (where I am!). Worth noting once again, is that this is 6 of 12 BBBags I’ve received, and once again, I’m looking at 6 products, and no more.

Beauteque's June BBBag - Dessert For Your Skin
Beauteque’s June BBBag – Dessert For Your Skin

Total Value according to Beauteque: $61.49 + $6.95 S&H = $68.44
Total Value if purchased separately: $28.48 + $7.92 shipping (TesterKorea) = $36.40
Difference in Beauteque’s listed price and possible purchase price: $32.04
Total Savings with $24 per month + shipping: $5.45

**Calculations are based on bundling of items if I were to make a purchase specifically for these items. It’s to see if the bag is a good financial decision, although we can’t put a value to the surprise factor, and the fact that this comes with a make up bag. Check out May’s BBBag details here!

Here are the items broken down:

1) Beauty Blending Sponge ($9.00 Value)
Jolse ($5.98 – not exactly the same but it’s Missha’s Brand)

I’ve always wanted to try a POOP SPONGE! Okay, now that I got that out of the way…I’m not sure if I’m disappointed in this or not. Granted, all I’ve ever tried is the actual Beauty Blender so this is a much cheaper option, but really? $9 Value? I guess even poop sponges have differences in quality. I won’t be able to speak on this one until I try it, but I know there are great reviews for others for much lower prices.

2) Skinfood Black Sugar Mask ($11.99 Value)
Jolse ($8.60)
Testerkorea ($5.77 + $7.92 S&H combined with items 4, 5, 6 below.)
RoseRoseShop ($5.16)

I was hoping to get the A’pieu Rub in Gelato in Pistachio because it’s SO CUTE! I actually received this exactly Black Sugar Mask from a giveaway and hadn’t opened it yet because I have several wash-off masks opened already. I’d always wanted to try the Skinfood Wash Off masks, though!

I’ve seen this around enough online to know that I’d be able to get it for much cheaper. However, I have also seen this locally in store for roughly the same price in Canadian Dollars.

Gonna break mine out the next day or so to try it!

3) Holika Holika Dessert Time Lip Balm ($10.00 Value) – Red Cupcake
Jolse ($5.93)

While this is super cute, I’ll say it again; I’m personally not a fan of lip balms that require the use of fingers because it just feels so unsanitary. However, I cannot dispute that this is super cute. According to, this will be in a sweet strawberry scent, and colour, so yay, strawberries!

Beauteque's June BBBag
Beauteque’s June BBBag – I like the simple make up bag for this month! It’s pretty big, even though it doesn’t have a wide base.

4) Purederm Vital Radiance Hair Mask – Honey ($4.00 Value)
TesterKorea ($1.76 + $7.92 S&H if mixed with items 2, 5 and 6)

This Hair Mask is for hair that has been coloured, or permed. Since this does not apply to me, I’ll pass it over to either my mom or sister to try. Hair Masks are cool though, and since my hair hasn’t been dyed, I’m lucky to have been blessed with a full head of fairly healthy hair. Much like the three-step-nose-pore-pack we received in a different month, though, I’m not really sure I would consider this a ‘full size’ product, and I feel like this belongs more in the Mask Maven subscription.

5) (NOT) The Saem Chocopie Hand Cream ($12.00 Value)
Jolse ($8.91)
Testerkorea ($5.15 + $7.92 S&H if mixed with items 2, 3 and 6)

This was SUPER CUTE to receive! Look at it; it even comes in packaging much like the snack! That snack was pretty much my childhood. Not a fan of the way the product is used; guess I just really dislike dipping my hands into jars and whatnot, but this is relatively small so I don’t anticipate that it will take a long time to use up.

HOWEVER. The little pamphlet says the brand is “The Saem”, indicating the the style may vary. I know this comes in a variety of ‘flavours’ including chocolate, strawberry and marshmallow. Mine actually isn’t even branded The Saem. It’s actually a brand called “Ready?” which I haven’t even heard of; nor can I find ANYWHERE except a subscription swap site, which indicated the product was from a BBBag.

Not cool, Beauteque. Not cool. I can’t even find any ingredient list, nor a listing on their site. I’ll have to check back to their site again to take a look; I’m not impressed with what looks like a no-name or possibly knock-off brand. I checked their IG since this was a spoiler item, and also looked up other people’s BB Bag posts and found that each one that was still wrapped up was also Ready?, and not The Saem.

6) Holika Holika Cover Hiding Concealer No. 2 ($14.50 Value)
TesterKorea ($3.89 + $7.92 S&H if mixed with items 2, 4 and 5 above)

This is pretty cool; I’ve only recently found a concealer that I really love (Aritaum’s Full Cover Concealer in No. 2 Natural Beige). I hope this colour is similar; it looks a lot darker in pictures and whatnot. I don’t use a lot of make up, but this doesn’t expire for a long time, so it will definitely be a while before I open this for use. Still, exciting to try a different brand; I definitely need concealer to cover my hereditary dark circles!

June’s Conclusion: For the first time, I’m disappointed. Although I know many items can be found cheaper elsewhere, there’s something about a subscription that just buying items cannot achieve. But for the second time, I’ve received a one-time-use (at most 2 times?) mask that really belongs in their Mask Maven subscription more than this one, plus, a Hand Cream from a brand that I cannot find online. I think I’m going to keep an eye on their hashtag and look at other people’s pictures. If everyone’s is the same brand as mine, and not The Saem, is that considered false advertising? Also going to keep an eye on their website for this item and ingredient list…

At least the make up bag is a good size, and is cute! That’s the bright side! Were you impressed with this BBBag?

Disclaimer: I did not receive this as a sponsored product and all thoughts are my own. I am not any kind of skincare expert, and am simply exploring products in search of my holy grails.

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3 thoughts on “Subscription: Beauteque BBBag June 2016

  1. The Holika Holika Dessert Lip Balm is super cute!! Reminds me of the Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcakes! I do agree with you on lip items that require use of fingers to apply, especially when we’re out and about…I do use the Vaseline Lip Therapy at home, but it’s only after I’ve showered with clean hands ;p I am shocked that they would give you a “no name” item and not the one they advertised!! I mean, in this day and age, you can find EVERYTHING on the internet and the fact that your search came back with nothing, that’s a huge red flag! I wonder if they start manufacturing like-item on their own (copy the brand name) and maybe that’s why you can’t find that Ready? brand!


    1. Yes, it is super cute! You know, the more I look into it, the more I feel weirded out about the Chocopie Hand Cream. The back of the package actually has a website, and yet when I go there, it IS a site that sells just Chocopie Hand Cream, but under a different brand and different package than this Ready? brand! More and more fishy…and you’re right, it’s a big red flag!


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