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Subscription: Beauteque BBBag May 2016

Beauteque’s May 2016 BBBag Theme is Festival Friendly Finds, Be Fab & Fun! Based on the spoilers that were sent out via email and seen on their Instagram feed, I was SUPER excited about this particular BBBag. Like, super DUPER excited.

Subscription Details:
This subscription costs $22-$24 based on the length of your (prepaid) subscription, plus $6.95 USD to ship to Canada. You should expect 6-8 full size items, although for all 5 months thus far in my subscription, it’s been 6 items each time.

May Beauteque BBBag
May Beauteque BBBag

Total Value according to Beauteque: $65.00 + $6.95 S&H = $71.91
Total Value if purchased separately: $47.94 + $3.73 shipping (YesStyle) + $5 shipping (RoseRoseShop) = $56.67
Difference in Beauteque’s listed price and possible purchase price: $15.24
Total Savings with $24 per month + shipping: $25.72

**Calculations are based on bundling of items if I were to make a purchase of the above items. This is done to approximate whether the bag was worth it (financially), although there’s no value that can be placed on the surprise factor, and that this comes with a make up bag. Check out April’s BBBag details here!

Here are the items broken down:

1) Prelab Toning Peeling Tap ($20.00 Value)
Jolse ($17.83)

As one of the spoilers shown, I was super excited about this particular item because I had read about them from Fifty Shades of Snail. As someone with dry skin, I’m always looking for ways to combat flaky areas. Furthermore, the idea that these were single, one-time-use pods that were great for travel was incredibly attractive. Expensive, though, so I was psyched to see this would be in the BBBag!

2) Tony Moly Bamboo Pure Eco Cool Water Soothing Gel ($15.00 Value)
Jolse ($9.98)

Another spoiler which had me super excited! I had recently tried a bamboo gel at a store, although the brand name escapes me. More specifically, the boyfriend was shopping with me, waved me over and put it on. He had, funny enough, tried it on the back of his hand and liked it. As it’s getting warmer now, if this particular gel works well on my dry skin, I’ll be super happy since gels are typically not as heavy as creams. The little pamphlet says the bamboo water will instantly soothe, refresh, and moisturize tired, dehydrated skin. We’ll see about that!

3) The Saem Healing Garden Tea Cleansing Tissue with Green Tea Extract ($8.00 Value)
Jolse (Tea Tree Version with 60 wipes was $8.06 as the closest comparison, so if we consider it half price, possibly $4?)

Cleansing wipes! Always great for travel and I love all things green tea! This pack has 20 wipes and isn’t too heavy; I’m saving this for travel, although I will make a point to try a sheet or two out prior to taking it abroad — just in case.

4) Kinepin Beauty Nail Company Nail Kit ($6.00 Value)
Unable to locate.

This little tool kit contains 4 items: Ox horn-like brush, finger separator (x2), birch stick, and a nail polisher. Truth be told, these are not items that I use. The only ‘cool’ thing I see here is the nail polisher, which is in a cute green colour and has 4 steps on it (shape, smooth, buff, polish) but I couldn’t tell you what the difference is. The birch stick looks like a gigantic toothpick. As a music student for most of my life, I’ve had to keep my nails short, and have never really used these tools.

5) Milky Dress SOS Blemish Cream ($9.00 Value) ($10.90 CDN, approx $8.13)

I’ve used a couple of blemish creams that have Salicylic acid or Benzyl Peroxide, but usually use those to try to spot-treat problem areas. Lately, I’ve been a big fan of the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patches. This blemish cream has phrases on the box like ‘calming sensitive skin’, ‘whitening functional cosmetic’, and ‘vegetable moisturizing ingredients’. It seems the main ingredient is Calamine, but I’m not familiar with this, so some research is necessary. I do suffer from acne scars and they take forever to fade. While the Acne patches from cosrx have helped the pimples go away and seem to leave a smaller scar, the scar is still there, so if this works to lighten it quickly, I’m all for it.

6) A’pieu Nail Polish ($7.00 Value)
RoseRoseShop (2,000 KRW, about $2)

I received the A’pieu Glow Nail Touch in G12.  Per No. 4 above, I really don’t use many nail products and only use nail polish on super rare occasions, such as my sister’s wedding last summer. This one looks like a clear nail polish with orange flecks and little silver strips (click here to see an image directly from A’pieu’s website). There’s a little silver ball rolling around inside, presumably to keep the glitter from clumping? I really have no clue ^_^’

May’s Conclusion: As a first impression, I was pretty amazed by this month’s BBBag…based on the Prelab Peeling Taps and the Bamboo Gel. Those two items alone made this bag worth it. I’ve said before that I feel Beauteque overvalues some of their beauty tools and I felt no different for the this month’s nail kit. The nail polish, no matter the colour, would have been a miss for me on a personal level. I think some items that I wish this subscription could come with may include essences, or sunscreens. As it stands, I had received a Skinfood Rose Lip Balm in a previous month’s BBBag, and just saw that the latest spoiler for June is another (cute) lip balm. As much as I love lip balms, I’m not a huge fan of the type that requires to use of your fingers!

This month’s bag came in a black and white make up bag; I’m starting to think I’ll end up with so many make up bags I’ll never use all of them! Time to start packing gifts in some of these cute bags!

What caught your eye in this BBBag?

Disclaimer: I did not receive this as a sponsored product and all thoughts are my own. I am not any kind of skincare expert, and am simply exploring products in search of my holy grail products.

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