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Subscription: Beauteque BBBag April 2016

Big City Beauty Secrets for Beauteque’s April BBBag! The entire month of April is Beautequefest and Beauteque actually has a ton of deals available on their website, so be sure to check them out!

April Beauteque BBBag
April Beauteque BBBag

Subscription Details:
This subscription is $22-$24 depending on how long you subscribe for, plus $6.95 shipping to Canada, and you should expect 6-8 full size items each month. For the fourth month in a row, it has just been the 6 items.

Total Value according to Beauteque: $64.96 + $6.95 S&H = $71.91
Total Value if purchased separately: $48.71 + $11.99 S&H from + krw 4,380 ($3.89) S&H from = $64.59
Difference in Beauteque’s listed price and possible purchase price: $7.32
Total Savings with $24 per month + shipping: $33.64

Here are the items broken down below:

1) Seatree Art Moisture Mist ($10.99 Value)
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Having seen a few pictures of Seatree’s actual store and beautiful designs, I was psyched to receive this bottle as a part of the package. I have a few mists already open so I haven’t tried this out yet, but it’s a small, travel-friendly bottle! This had 3 possible designs and all 3 were very pretty. Ingredients include White Lily and Vitamin C to rejuvenate and refresh the skin, and I believe this can be applied under or over make up. Looking forward to trying this, once I finish my Aritaum Collagen mist!

2) Dr. Morita Moisturizing Essence Eye Mask or Q10 Firming Eye Mask ($9.00 Value, I received the moisturizing essence version) ($9.99, although I also saw this locally for $14.99 CDN)

Moisture is always good for my dry skin! I’ve actually seen these in local stores, but the one and only Dr. Morita mask I’ve tried was only so-so. Glad to get to try these and plus, you get a full box of 8!

3) Toyoepin 2 in 1 Permanent Crazy Mini Natural False Lash ($7.99 Value) ($9.00)

These lashes do look pretty natural, but I don’t actually know how to apply false lashes onto myself ^_^;;. May gift these off to someone, but they’re cute nonetheless!

4) The Saem Saemmul Easy Eyeliner ($9.99 Value) ($5.12)

Now THIS is a super practical item. Black eyeliner is something that I do use, and I actually have trouble with oily lids which causes my liner to move on me. This is why I recently picked up Innisfree’s Pencil Remover in hopes to save myself while on the go. I hope this won’t budge on me, so I really look forward to testing this one out!

5) Baviphat Urban Dollkiss Peach All In One Peeling Gel or Mango Magic Brightening Mask ($21 Value, I received the Peach All In One Peeling Gel) ($11.39)

I love peeling gels! They’re usually super gentle, and there’s some satisfaction to seeing actual dead skin pilling up on your face even when you feel like you’re super clean (is that really gross? I don’t find it gross!) I suffer with dry patches appear frequently under make up and am struggling to find a way to put a stop to it. I’m hoping this will help to do the trick!

6) Somoon Dog Nose Pore 3 Step Pack ($5.99 Value) (krw 2,500 or $2.22)

Huh, these appear to be very similar to the 3 Step nose pore pack with the pig on it. Hollika Hollika, I think. If they are similar, step 1 will draw the excess sebum and blackheads to the surface, step 2 acts as a regular strip, and step 3 will soothe, calm, and restore moisture. I guess this is technically considered a full size item since they do sell these individually. Can’t deny that the pug IS super cute though!

**Calculation is based on bundling of items the way I would make the purchase if this was my list of items. I do this to approximate whether or not this subscription was a good financial decision, which is one of the important things to me about a good subscription box. Check out March’s BBBag details here!

April’s Conclusion: Wow, variety! I think the lashes, Seatree Mist and the Dr. Morita eye masks are what bump the value of this bag up, especially since in Canada, the Dr. Morita box of 8 pairs of masks sells for some $15 CDN. The Somoon Dog Nose Pore Pack is the only disappointing one for me, since I don’t put a ton of value on an item like this. I am excited though, to try the other items aside from the falsies, so overall, still a plus! And, I really love the bag this came in! It’s waterproof, quite a pretty colour, does not smell like plastic, and most importantly, has a wide base which is great for storing stuff without having it tip over!

Is there something you’d like to try out of this box? Comment down below and let me know!

Disclaimer: I did not receive this as a sponsored product and all thoughts are my own. I am not any kind of skincare expert, and am simply exploring products in search of my holy grail products.


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