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First Impressions: Missha Green Tea Powder Wash with Baking Powder

It’s rare for me to do this, but a few months ago, I made an impulse purchase (which I forgot about until now)! Normally, especially where skincare is related, I tend to look up reviews of products before I make a purchase. It’s not that I don’t like to be adventurous; it’s just that Asian Skincare is still relatively new to me, and there are so many resources for me to utilize! I’m always standing around with my phone, surfing blogs and IG for reviews before a purchase ^_^;

Missha Green Tea Powder Wash with Baking Powder
Missha Green Tea Powder Wash with Baking Powder

First impressions
Who: Missha
What: Green Tea Powder Wash with Baking Powder (25 sachets of 1.5g each)
When: Cleansing step; after removal of make up
Where: Face
Scent: Light green tea scent
Stripped the face?: Not at all; my face was not stripped of moisture even though I waited several minutes before moving on with the rest of my skincare!
Consistency: I was able to get a little bit of foam from this, but the instructions do recommend the use of a foaming net to get more foam. Maybe it’s time to invest in one?
Price: Purchased at a local Missha store for $5 CDN (special 50% sale at the time!)

So the original intention WAS to bring this on vacation with me, but in the end, I chose a cleanser that could also remove make up. While I’m not one to use a ton of make up, I do put sunscreen on especially throughout the day when I’m out and about exploring! So this sat in my ‘cleansers’ box, awaiting to be used.

I finally pulled it out tonight for it’s first use!

While this did not foam up, it did lather up slightly and cleansed my face well. It did not leave it stripped of moisture, and I had no issues with not carrying on with the rest of my skincare routine for several minutes! I love the light green tea scent!

Here’s an image that demos the product. Original picture is from

Green Tea Powder Wash - In Use
The actual powder is very fine, and is a light green colour. I need a foaming net so that I, too, can use this product as the girl is using it in the picture!

The individual packets are travel friendly for sure, with each packet being one time use, although the sales person did say that it’s possible to stretch it to two uses in a day. The packets are paper with a foil-like lining and that’s recyclable here in Canada. At a price point of $10 for 25 uses, I would say stretching it is not a bad idea. The price point is one key reason I would not repurchase this, but at the time, it seemed like a fun idea, and I just couldn’t turn down green tea flavoured products!

The instructions also indicate you should focus where you may have blackheads or dead skin cells (around the nose area) but I did not notice anything different around my nose with just one single use. Overall, I really enjoyed the feeling of this cleanser on my face! I wasn’t worried about it not being clean enough as I only had sunscreen on my face, but when I followed up with a micellar water just in case, my face was perfectly clean.

The only question I’m left with is…is this what the Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash feels like, maybe without the scent? So far, my only pet peeve with cleansers is when they leave me too squeaky clean, and this definitely does not do that!

I’m looking for a cleanser to really love. I have some more on hand, cleansers that I’ve used before and been using all along, but nothing that I absolutely rave about and recommend to others.

Do you have a suggestion for a cleanser I should try?

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