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First Impressions: The Face Shop Daegwallyeong Fresh Milk Cream

I’m pretty sure if I really tried to read that name, I’d butcher it! This giant tub of cream came as a part of the March Beauteque BBBag. I’m normally not a fan of tubs of cream as I much prefer the pump types for sanitary reasons. This type of packaging reminds me of The Body Shop Body Butters which smell delicious (but the scent lingers too strongly for my liking) and are incredibly thick. So, I expected this to be the very similar. I was so (happily) wrong!

Daegwallyeong Fresh Milk Cream (300ml)
Daegwallyeong Fresh Milk Cream (300ml)

First impressions
Who: The Face Shop
What: Daegwallyeong Fresh Milk Cream (300ml)
When: I apply this after I shower, or before bed
Where: It says face or body, but I only apply this on the body.
Scent: Light, similar to baby powder, but after application, the scent does not linger.
Hydration Level: 4/5
Consistency: Light and creamy, but not thick. I’d say it’s very similar to pre-mixed yoghurt (more viscous than drinkable yoghurt of course!)
Price: Around $4 USD on RoseRoseShop at this time.

As someone who is very lazy about putting body lotion on (yes, even in the super dry winter months) I have to really love a cream to be excited about putting it on. So far, only Vaseline (and a very particular one) has been a favourite of mine.

This, THIS cream has me very excited. I like to massage this over my arms and legs while watching dramas. It smell so good, then the scent dissipates and doesn’t linger so I don’t feel like I’m wearing something perfumed, which is an experience I’ve had with Bath & Body Works products. As lovely as some of those products smell, I personally don’t like it when the scent lingers all over my bedsheets, blankets, and clothes.

Most importantly for me, is that it is not sticky or tacky at all! It absorbs comfortably at a very high speed! I look forward to using this every night after I shower. I know I’d look forward to using this even in the summer.

Fresh Milk Cream
Light, creamy consistency, not too thick and does not leave any sticky/tacky residue after application.

I have slight reservations (very slight) about whether this is truly enough for a very dry winter, since I only started using this in mid March. I say “very slight”, because I have not had to slather a lot on to moisturize my arms and legs, and if I needed to, I know I can easily put more on. It hasn’t done a ton for my dry heels, but I think that has more to do with my needing to treat the actual area, as opposed to just applying lotion. I’m tempted to try those foot masks but I’m a bit too chicken at the moment ^_^;;

Finally, here is an image I found on The Face Shop NY’s website. It’s all in Korean, so I’m putting it here for the benefit of those who can read it! I’m going to guess that it says something about natural ingredients, milk extract, and a 5-free message.

The Face Shop Daegwallyeong Fresh Milk Cream
The Face Shop Daegwallyeong Fresh Milk Cream (image from The Face Shop NY’s website).

Have you tried this cream? What’s your favourite body lotion?

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