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Subscription: Beauteque BBBag March 2016

Moisturizing Mix & More for March’s BBBag! Woohoo! I was so excited for moisture because this Canadian winter has been so DRY! Bring on the hydration, please, I need you soooo badly!

Beautque March 2016 BBBag
Beautque March 2016 BBBag

Subscription Details:
The subscriptions are $22-$24 depending on how long you subscribe for, plus $6.95 shipping, and you should expect 6-8 full size items each month. This being my third month, I’m surprised that for the third month in a row it’s been just the 6 items.

Total Value according to Beauteque: $61.29 + $6.95 S&H = $68.24
Total Value if purchased separately: $34.79 + krw 4,870 ($4.20) S&H from + 10,000 krw (8.63) S&H from = $47.62
Difference in Beauteque’s listed price and possible purchase price: $20.62
Total Savings with $24 per month + shipping: $16.67

Here are the items broken down below:

1) The Face Shop Daegwallyeong Fresh Milk Cream ($15 Value) (krw 4,720 or $4.07)

I love the scent of milk creams! This came at a perfect time because I was just running out of the Body Shop Apricot body butter that I have at my bedside. Truth be told, I’m not a fan of anything in tubs because it feels unsanitary to me, but body butters really are moisturizing for winter.

2) Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream ($12.99 Value) (krw 6,900 or $6.06)

Excited for this! I haven’t yet found a holy grail eye cream, so when I saw this in the March spoilers, I’m sure my eyes lit up! I was searching for the next cream to try, and voila, it’s here for me!

3) Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch ($4.80 Value) (krw 3,500 or $3.07)

Super happy to see Cosrx here! I was looking for pimple patches to try, from Nexcare because I’d heard about them, but I was just as happy to try this. Luckily, no breakouts at the moment though, so have yet to be able to break these out.

4) Ladykin Glow Lipstick (Varying Shades, $8.50 Value)
Unable to locate

The shade is super dark red, so I’m not sure it’s really for me. Still, the packaging is super nice and the casing is nice and sturdy (and pretty!)

5) Egg Brush Cleaner ($8.00 Value)
Unable to locate

I’ve been looking for a brush cleaner to see if I really can get my cushion puffs cleaner than I currently do. I just recently read about a Laneige cleaning method though, so I will have to compare, for sure! But I’ve seen these for much cheaper elsewhere, so I think the valuation is a bit high.

6) Urban Dollkiss Velvety Skin Triple Mini BB Cream in M23 ($12.00 Value) (krw 5,800 or $5.09)

What pretty packaging this came in! I’ll have to look into any colour swatches, because if it’s shade 23, it may be a bit dark for me. Has anyone tried this before?

Calculation is based on bundling of items the way I would make the purchase if this was my list of items. The purpose of this exercise is to approximate whether the subscription is a good financial decision. I imagine it sucks to feel like you overpaid for your subscription box.

March’s Conclusion: I find Beauteque may overvalue their tools a bit. This egg brush cleaner is not branded in any way and I know you can find it much cheaper elsewhere. However, I can’t hide the fact that I’m psyched about the eye cream in particular. I can’t wait to finish my current eye cream to try this one! I’ve yet to find an eye cream that wows me, let alone a holy grail, so we’ll really have to see. So far though, these bags are totally still a profit, even at the most expensive subscription rate, which is not the rate I am paying.

Oh, and I was totally happy to see a pimple kind of pop up. Like, who gets excited about a pimple? I guess I just really want to try those acne patches. But it wasn’t really a pimple, likely just an irritated spot. I couldn’t see it, just felt it on my forehead while at work, but it was gone shortly after. I have to admit I was slightly, just SLIGHTLY disappointed that I won’t be able to try those Cosrx patches.

If there’s a particular type of item you could choose to get in a subscription box, what would it be?

Disclaimer: I did not receive this as a sponsored product and all thoughts are my own. I am not any kind of skincare expert, and am simply exploring products in search of my holy grail products.


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