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Review: Banila Co. The Black 17 Sleeping Pack

Banila Co.’s CC Creams and Clean It Zero are certainly the brand’s more popular products. But I don’t typically hear about their sleeping pack (or perhaps, they have more than one?) I purchased the Banila Co. Black 17 Sleeping Pack under my cousin’s recommendation.

Banila Co. The black 17 Sleeping Pack
Banila Co. The Black 17 Sleeping Pack

I know the picture doesn’t do it justice, and I’ve used up over half of this before doing a review, but wow is it a pretty mask to look at! The first time I opened this, it looked like I was staring into a sky lit up with stars. There are tiny flecks of white which I can only assume are for hydration. The mask has a sweet fragrance to it.

I had tossed the box because I was travelling and was limited on space, but regardless, there wasn’t any English on the box aside from the name. There was an image of 17 ingredients, many of which I could not really identify due to the size of the image. The idea though, was that all ingredients are naturally black, including Black Cacao, Black Bean, Black Rice, and more.

Banila Co. Black 17 Sleeping Pack Box Image
Banila Co. Black 17 Sleeping Pack poster (Image taken from an Amazon Listing).

The above image is taken from this Amazon link. There are limited English words, including Nutrition, Brightening, Soothing, Moisturizing, and Protection.

Having used half a tub of this stuff, I think that despite not having an ingredient list, I can at least talk about how this product functions. The only cons I can mention, is the lack of English ingredient list, and also the lack of a spatula to scoop the product out for sanitary purposes.

Banila Co. Baclk 17 Sleeping Pack Texture
The product looks a little purple-grey, but don’t worry, it will be transparent!

The mask is a clear gel that spreads easily. I’ve actually tried this in two ways; as a sleeping pack like it’s intended to be used, and layered a little thicker as a hydrating wash-off mask.

Hydration Flecks
Hydration Flecks on the left if you squint a bit. Once you massage it in a little, they vanish. The mask becomes clear.

I do find that it feels a bit sticky for a good 15 or so minutes, so I never go right to bed when I use this as a sleeping pack for fear it’ll end up all over my pillow. Used as the last step of my nighttime routine, the sweet scent helps me to relax. I wash it off in the morning, and it leaves my skin hydrated and smooth. I don’t really see a ton of brightening effects (or I’m just really blind in the morning ^_^;;) but for someone like me who has super dry skin, the hydration is what I’m looking for, and this certainly does the job!

After use of Black 17 Sleeping Pack
After using the Banila Co. on my hand for about 25 minutes. Again, no real brightening effects especially after such a short time, but the back of my hand did feel smoother and moisturized!

As I mentioned above, I did also try this as a thicker-layered hydrating mask instead of a sleeping pack. I left it on for a good hour and a half or two hours, and washed it off. By then, although still a bit tacky in the areas where I layered more product on (my cheeks), most other areas were dry.

Honestly, I find this way works better. My skin felt much smoother and softer; I couldn’t stop touching my cheeks after this! So now, I occasionally use it as a sleeping pack but more often than not, I use it as a hydration mask. Maybe it gives it super-charged effects if you slather more on and massage it in, then watch some dramas while it works its magic?

I do still have a brand new, unopened tub. I picked it up in Hong Kong for the equivalent of about $14 USD so I don’t consider it a super expensive mask given the size of the container. KoreaDepart has it for roughly the same price. Every time I look at it before I use it, it makes me happy!

While I am in the market for other sleeping masks (already have the Cosrx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask that is currently on its way to me!), I would still use this as a sleeping pack/hydrating mask, and if I run out and don’t have anything that I feel performs in the same manner, I would certainly repurchase this!

What are you favourite hydration masks and sleeping packs?

6 thoughts on “Review: Banila Co. The Black 17 Sleeping Pack

      1. Right now I’m loving the Banilla Co one we talked about with two others: Botanic Farm Black Soybean Milk Pudding and Skin 79 Rose Waterfall Mask. Both smells wonderful and when I was up my skin feels amazing. I tried two from CosRx (honey and rice) I like the rice one more


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